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  1. Thanks. I'd say as a general rule bigger flies you can go with heavier wings, and more sparse as you decrease size. Your wing looks real good - you don't need more imo. I'd fish with that one you tied any day, it looks great and Rusty's are a very good producer at any time in the season. When I first started tying again, I tended to always over dress the fly. Not a bad thing in high dirty water at all, but on the smaller flies, it's better to go lighter than it is heavier. Sometimes in the summer for when the water is low and warm, I tie the wings (and the whole fly actually) really sparse. A Silver Rat tied really sparse is a super low water fly in Eastern Canadian rivers, by the way, and a simple pattern to tie.
  2. Of course, when you tie on bigger hooks, you'll likely have more wraps to make it proportional... I fish quite a bit early season and use 2/0 to 3/0 hooks often during that time of year, and 5 wraps on big flies like that would look pretty sparse. Here's a big 3/0 rusty - looks like 8 wraps on it...so no "correct" amount of wraps. i'm not expert, but i think it's more about it being proportional.
  3. There's nothing wrong with that Rusty Quinn. That'll catch salmon for sure. Maybe one less wrap with the oval tinsel on the body - 5 wraps on salmon flies is the most common consensus out there - but that's just getting overly technical and I'm sure the salmon aren't counting as the fly swings by. I caught my very first bright salmon on the Rusty and it remains one of my all time favorite flies. Nice work!
  4. For those high dirty water days...
  5. Same argument as the natives in the bay despatiesim. They mostly net when all the big hens are entering the river, and we catch so many scarred up by the nets that we know will have trouble surviving. Last year, as you mentioned, was alarming low throughout most all Canadian rivers - pretty scary. Im with you - Quebec needs to go catch and release if we have a chance of getting a deal with the commercial fishery and the native nets strung across the entire river. They did a five year deal on the Grand Casapedia and the increased count results were immediate. Doesn't seem like rocket science huh...
  6. Hey Piker20, For non-tube flies, I've had really good luck with Gamakatsu hooks. Good quality. Recently tying on some Daiichi Alec Jackson hooks, and they seem really good, and their "heavy wire" models are really solid. For tube hooks (doubles) I've been using Loop and Patridge Salar and never had a problem with either...
  7. Thanks Simon - And yes, I heard some rumbling about that last season as well. Same thing in New Brunswick. What rivers are you fishing?
  8. My advice would be to tie all of them, in all colors, sizes and variations, so you can stare at the countless fly boxes full of flies trying to decide which one you'll use on the river like the rest of us! :>) Maybe an answer that will help (though many here will fully agree with the above!) is to search the internet for lodges and guides that are in the areas that you plan to fish, and see what they list as popular fly patterns. I'm constantly looking around on the web to see other people ideas, variations, creations etc, in the areas I fish, this website included for sure.
  9. Thanks gents. Artimus, I sometimes use double on fly sizes 6 or smaller, and mostly size 8 or smaller. Small flies sometimes skim on the surface and the doubles tend to stay under the surface better especially if the current is swifter. Also, the fly rides better and stays straight than with the smaller sizes. They also hook up better and in my opinion, because they hook solidly, it creates less damage to the fish...they don't tear the flesh like a small hook can do with strong fighting fish like salmon. I use primarily only doubles on with my tube flies - keeps the fly straight and real solid hookups. Piker might chime in on it as well...I think where he fishes they allow treble hooks as well. Where I fish in Quebec and New Brunswick Canada, the max allowed is double hooks.
  10. Decided to tie up some doubles: 3 Rats - Rusty, Gray and Black, a Black Bear Green Butt, an Undertaker, and a Copper Killer, all size 8.
  11. Those look great. Eide, what brand of braid do you use for the bodies? Looks nice and fishy
  12. Eide, thanks. Daiichi Alec Jackson hooks... Despatiesim - yes, and on purpose. We use a lot of 2/0's and 3/0's for late May and June salmon fishing, and naturally, much smaller stuff as the water goes down and temps heat up...just happened to be tying some larger stuff lately and posted a few...
  13. That fly looks delicious! And very nicely tied
  14. Nice looking fly and great tie...I think known for Steelhead, but would be a great late season Atlantic salmon choice too
  15. Wally, I have a few Simms boxes, and agree, they are not too bad at all. Tidewater, nice looking flies and those look to be some good box choices as well. The second one would probably be pretty good for flies i'm tying right now, which are larger (a bunch of size 2's thru 3/0's) as I do a fair amount of early season bright salmon fishing, in big and sometimes murky water, and the larger sizes are needed then. I've been looking at the Cliff Outdoor boxes and think I'm going to order one up. I like the description of the foam as with many boxes I've had in the past, the foam gets worn out, or doesn't hold the fly well, with the larger flies. I do like the Wheatley's too, and they are a "classic". Anyone try Cliff Outdoors boxes?
  16. Good 'ol standby Rusty Rat and one called the Sonnerat Yellow.
  17. Hi everyone, wondering how many of you have the same problem during these winter months???
  18. Ya FlaFly, good observation, though this is tied according to the pattern specs found in the book. Perhaps once it's wet and swinging in the river it the JC will look good and prove to be advantageous...
  19. Those should charm 'em! I heard of a guy that had fly box after fly box filled with ONLY Blue Charm's in different sizes...
  20. Neat info Crackaig. According to the salmon fly book from which learned the pattern, it's called the "Goofy". And yes despatiesim, I hear ya - I also like throwing different stuff at them especially later in the season when they have had hundreds of flies swung over their heads...
  21. Sounds great flyman. I love trout fishing, but these days, I mostly chase after Atlantic Salmon. I'm from Maine originally (currently live in the desert) so grew up trout and salmon fishing, and make 3 or 4 trips every year to eastern Canada after Atlantics with my fishing buddies... Are you in an area that have salmon and steelhead runs?
  22. Million Dollar idea right there - perfect it, and you've got a winner!
  23. Probably won't fish well (guinea hen feathers I used were a bit big) but it looks pretty tasty and I'm anxious to get it wet....
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