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  1. Welcome flyman23 - that's some great water you have to fish! What do you like to chase after? Cheers
  2. Welcome Michelle - bet you have some great salmon and trout fishing up your way!
  3. Haven't tried these drainers out yet - first time tying with them, but have used the solid plastic ones. I agree with you, casting them isn't the best, though I kind of got used to picking up the line a certain way that helped and avoided that "pop" you often get with them. I'll be curious to see how these drainer ones work though.... I also think agn54, even though these are plastic and not weighted, they help a bit in balancing out the fly. The resistance in the current seems to help offset the weight of the hook versus tube flies with no cone- not much but a bit - and as Piker mentioned, they help make the fly come alive and "swim"
  4. Good one for when river is high and/or a bit murky...
  5. A few patterns that have brought some good luck in past seasons...
  6. Sweet! Those will swim great...
  7. Hey Mike, 3 weeks! Maybe I need to become a snowbird....
  8. Hey Piker, I've been tying some tubes and really like fishing them, but they are not nearly as popular in Eastern Canada and hook flies - at least not yet - but they are gaining popularity every year. I remember all my fishing buddies thought I was crazy fishing them 5 or 6 years ago, but they're warming up to it. Seems as though the runs were poor all over the world this past season - alarming so on many rivers. Something happened out a sea that did not go well for the salmon for sure. Jealous about your fishing season there! We have about 3 months to fit in as much as we can every year... Tight lines!
  9. Hi there, my name is Doug. I'm another fishing and fly tying nut that found this cool forum - nice to meet you all. My addiction - Atlantic Salmon. I am from Maine originally and grew up fishing the Miramachi, Restigouche and Matapedia Rivers often. I really enjoy the fly tying hobby and it's rewarding to catch fish with your own flies. Here's just a few popular/classic patterns for those river that I whipped up for next year (which can't come quick enough). Cheers!
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