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  1. What is the worst thing that could happen? If your break a fish off, its still a fish that you had on!
  2. Hey everybody.. Recently I was given a decent sized bag of feathers/hackles...and I'm not entirely sure what they are. Some are like a dry fly hackle, others are more rounded and webby.... Pics are attached. Thanks in advanced.
  3. About the tails being splayed, in the future I will deffinately work on that, but for the time, do you think these would fish?
  4. Hey everybody, just recently started my adventures tying into dry flys. Wanted to post a couple of pics and get some crits on my first few light cahills. Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. Hey everybody! My names Mike. 24 years old with a lot of it spent fly fishing. I started tying about 2 years ago, but on and off for a total of maybe 3 months. Been lurking around these forums for quite a while and decided its finally time to get involved. I'm livin and fishing around the beautiful trout streams of central pa. Now I really wanna start tying a lot more and i'm hoping I can get lots of advice and help from all your knowlegable folk. I'm thinkin about posting a couple pics of some of my flys but really nervous after seeing some of the awsome flys you guys have tied. Mike
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