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  1. So you're tying on mono instead of the hook? Sounds like tying onto an extended body. LoOK up how they tie extended body mayflies. I'm not sure it would work on such a small piece but it's the same basic idea. You would just have to scale it down.
  2. I find olive, brown, black, burgundy and white work well and most combinations of these colors. I prefer buggers with a bead head but I don't think it makes much a difference. Here are the buggers I most recently tied. I'll be trying yellow this summer.
  3. The two measurement systems are not comparable. They both measure thread size but very differently. The "aught" system measures diameter of the thread. So 6/0 is thicker than 8/0. The denier system is the weight of the thread per 9000 meters. 70 denier thread means 9000 meters weighs 70 grams. 140 denier weighs twice as much so it will be thicker if it is the same material. Depending on the materials used, the weight will vary so there is no direct comparison between the two methods. For Uni thread, 8/0 is roughly 70 denier and 6/0 is roughly 140 denier. I guess this could be used as a rule of thumb. You can usually Google for fly tying thread size charts and find exact measures for most thread manufacturers.
  4. Very nice fly! I don't have enough spare time to tie right now but I'll certainly give it a try! Thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks Yeah there is a parrot. It's a small one but it is quite a nice bird. Feathers are beautiful, especially the tail like she gave me. I'll see her next week so I'll try to bum off a few more.
  6. Hi everyone I've been tying for about 3 months now and am really enjoying it. I've caught a few fish on some basic wolly bugger and soft hackle flies (trout and bass) I'm now looking forward to May and I hope I can catch some big pike on flies. Here are a few of my creations. Here's some kind of perch imitation. Not a great look but it might catch fish Here are some pheasant tail nymph variations. Size 10 was pretty big. Size 12 looks good. Also tried a scud hook just for fun. I dubbed in hotspots on some. Also used CDL for the tail on some of them. Scud pattern I'm not sure what this is White wolly bugger Pike flies Articulated shank and a shorter tri color wet fly Finally, the girl who does my hair has a small pet Parrot. The colors are quite stunning and asked if I could have some feathers. She gave me 3 of them The colors don't come out as vibrant as they are. They are mainly green but you can see blue flashes with correct lighting. The fibers are quite stiff and long so it didn't work well as hackle. I came up with this pattern for some kind of buggy minnow. I call it the Chico Minnow as the bird's name is Chico. I used the feathers as the legs under the body. Comments are always welcome! I'm glad I found a place to share and discuss this awesome hobby!
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