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  1. Yea i was surprised they stayed in that long.That was a pretty pitiful performance by kentucky.They only shot 38% and 26% of their offensive plays resulted in a turnover that kansas st.scored with. Coach calipari had never lost a sweet 16 game at kentucky and kansas st. had never beat us until last night.They just flat out played us and we just plain sucked.
  2. Send me a pm if you run into anything you cant figure out.I'll be glad to try and help ya.
  3. That is a great set up.That lens is awesome and the 24mp camera gives you plenty of detail for close crops.
  4. Kentucky is one of those teams.I doubt we even fit into the 25%.I remember in the 80's we had some great teams and just about all the players stayed the 4 yrs and got their degree.That was more important to them.Now it seems they can't even get thru a season and the players are trying to go pro.We are famous for the one and done and calipari sets his reputation on it. I doubt there is a reasonably honest program.I think louisville and the others were just the ones that got caught.They have been buying and selling our kids for years. After a terrible season we somehow got lucky and won the SEC championship which automatically put us in the NCAA tournament.We were headed to the NIT.We would be playing UMBC tonight if they had not lost to Kansas st.We have had one of the worst seasons i can remember but somehow we are hanging in like a hair in a biscuit.I just wonder how long the luck is going to last.
  5. Great fly.Looks perfect to me. I tie a bitch creek for panfish and they love them yellow/blk and chartreuse/blk are great too but gotta say the yellow is what they seem to prefer. I have never tried to weave the body though.I cheat and take the easy road.
  6. I started to ask if it was puff paint.That's a great idea and makes good looking eyes. Thank You!
  7. Sweet looking flies! How are the eyes in the background made and do they peel off or cut out?
  8. If you look that member just joined that forum yesterday.First post is to sell a vise for 4K.
  9. Nice flies!Nothing wrong with those.They will fish just fine.
  10. Seems ok today but yesterday it was really slow for me.Could not load the page. It actually timed out waiting for the site to load and brought up the little box saying there was a problem loading and asking if i wanted to wait or cancel. I have anti virus and it does auto scans regular and i have no problems with any other site. But seems ok today so who know's what the heck it was.
  11. https://www.lurecasting.com/collections/fly-tying-tools/products/economic-fly-fishing-tying-vise-for-starters-small-flies-streamside-plain-tying-vise-easy-use-chrome-finish-with-square-base I have never done buisness with this company.Just seen this one online.
  12. PM me your mailing address and i will send you a packet.
  13. Wash them with dawn dish detergent.Mix dawn with warm water and soak the tails.Work them with your hands in the water.Rinse several times to make sure all the detergent is gone.Then shake all the water out of them that you can.Hang and let them air dry.You could also dry them by placing them in newspaper but it will take longer.If you use the newspaper method just unwrap them daily and let them air dry a little while then re wrap in new newspaper.If you are trying to clean them to bring back colors you need to look into how to bleach them.Just cleaning them will help with smells but not do much for bringing back colors.
  14. Both flashes you have are wireless capable.I would use them both off camera and let the cameras built in flash trigger them but you could get by with just one flash. The HVLF42 is a powerful flash.You could use it wireless on 1/32 and use a white foam board as a reflector and that would be more than enough flash. You are going to be shooting close up so too much flash will be hard to control.I use a HVL36am sometimes and i use a white piece of nylon over the flash head to diffuse it.Works pretty good. Your camera does have TTL so i would take advantage of it.Let the camera set the output and your photos should be lit great.
  15. I agree technique is #1 to learn.Don't try to be fast.That will come in time.Take your time and learn to tie right. Surprised no one has said wooly buggers.Easy to tie and great baitfish imitation fly for bass. Find a hatch chart for your area.It will tell you the bugs in your area and the times in the year when they hatch.This will help you in tying bugs and insects that are in you area instead of just tying everything you see on the internet and hoping they work.
  16. My local Cabelas sucks. The prices are very high.Customer service is help yourself. Selection of materials is poor and they very seldom restock. More than once i have found items online and it tells me the local store has several of the items in stock.When i drive to the store they don't have the item and have not had them in stock for a long time. Apparently communications between the warehouse and local store is as good as their customer service in the store. The last time i was able to talk to the fly fishing dept manager he told me several cabelas have completely closed out their fly fishing section because of lack of sales and ours would be closing soon if sales do not pick up. The store has only been open a few years. Bass pro is more of a bass fishermans supply store so i don't see the merge fixing the problem with the fly fishing dept's closing or changing anything as far as fly fishing in any of the cabelas.
  17. I use wire shafts made for inline spinner baits.They are .024",.030",.040" and .050".They cost about $2 for 25pk and the wires are 3"-7" long depending on the diameter.I use jewelry pliers from walmart to make the eyes. I got them from Hagens or Jans Netcraft for making bass lures but tried them one day fly tying and they work great.
  18. Many target them as they do common carp. http://freestateflyfishers.org/flies/fly-patterns/sister-carols-grass-carp-fly/ https://youtu.be/zWH2oTiOeQc http://freestateflyfishers.org/flies/fly-patterns/sister-carols-grass-carp-fly/
  19. Hi Ron, It does not have to be an expensive camera and megapixels are not as important if you just want it to post online.A 7 megapixel camera will allow you to print an 8x10 photo in HD but for online your photos will be a lot smaller. I have an old Canon Powershot SD630 that does a great job.It is 6 megapixels and has a macro mode that will focus as close as 1 inch.It will also allow me to print a good HD photo if i choose.These can be found on Amazon or ebay for $20.00. If you want to go with a dslr try an older canon or nikon.I use a canon xti and it does a really good job but no macro mode.It is a 10 megapixel camera that can be found for $100 and you could purchase a 50mm 1.8 lens New for $100.The focus is not as close but i can crop the photo and get a really sharp close up image. I would not know what to recommend if purchasing a new camera.There are several on the market that would do excellent that fit your price range.Look for a camera with at least 5mp if using to post online only and more mp if you plan on printing any photos.It needs to have a macro setting but not all macro are the same.Some cameras with macro have a 1 ft or more minimum focus distance.Look for the closest focus that you can find.Some of these new cameras focus as close as 1/4 inch.That's pretty amazing.Also make sure it has a tripod mount.Most cameras have timers and with a tripod and timer you can snap the photo without holding or pressing the button.This eliminates a lot of camera shake or blur in images.
  20. Tube, The trout fishing is always good in the cumberland tailwaters and this year the Wolfe Creek Dam Hatchery opened a new man made Hatchery Creek that is pretty amazing.I have been several times this year and each time caught a few nice rainbows and brookies.Big browns being caught below the dam in the river.I love reelfoot.Crappie fishing there is always good.
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