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  1. Nice fish, I like fishing those small ponds. In the video it appears that you are standing maybe 10 ft from the water, is there a reason for that?
  2. Very informative thanks
  3. I know that I could have bought several big boxes full of files for what I have spent on tools & supplies. But then I wouldn't have the satisfaction of creating things. It is an enjoyable hobby and gives you something to do when you can't fish.
  4. Yes a real Web site, don't have a Facebook page or wall or what ever it's called. Www.grampsramblings.com
  5. Haven't really gotten to far with this idea but my thought is to store my recipes on my Web site with a picture. Then tag it with keywords to make it easier to find later.
  6. Gourmet meal for the swimmers
  7. Just got my order of Crystal US yesterday from Silvercreek, ordered the resin & his UV light. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. In all the post I read on all the forums I didn't read one bad thing about his product. Pm Silvercreek and he'll send you all the inflation about his product.
  8. Work, I'm not sure what that is, haven't done it in so long I forgot what it is....
  9. Had the Odyssey Spider and returned it and got the cam lock model, a few $ more bit worth it. I rely like it.
  10. Put some floatant on the last 3/4" of the chenille tail, that will make it float around when the head is dosn
  11. For general browsing I prefer paper. You can read them almost anywhere and can take the with you anywhere. I will use paper to make a list of needed materials then either go to the fly shop or order them online.
  12. I like warm water stuff, count me in
  13. I think I use more wraps than necessary to hold the material. I need to start counting my wraps so I'm consistent. Reading magnifiers and good lighting will help too. I agree tie the fly in a larger size to get the hang of it then scale it down. May want to work your way down and not make a big jump. Tie some in #12, then goto #14, then #16 you be the picture.
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