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  1. I was under the impression that the original was different. The Adams fly that originally came from Michigan didn't have Catskill wings.
  2. Good thing Google can link to threads like this, where people join a discussion board to talk about experiences. Instead of just googling.
  3. Good news. I successfully fish every year without wings on my mayflies. I do not tie or buy any catskill style flies.
  4. I also vote for flyanglersonline. Awesome resource that I used when I started, (Mind you I'm very green at tying). But for sure I'd start there and with a wooly bugger.
  5. as it's hard to fill any cup thats already full. You've been waiting a long time to use that "Avatar" reference. LOLThey said it in avatar? Was more of a biblical reference for me.
  6. For the sake of this thread, you're not alone in your opinion; "you have nothing to hide but everything to protect". Wise to just not argue or add anything else as it's hard to fill any cup thats already full.
  7. In Michigan it's not unheard of when mousing to catch 25lbs+ browns. I personally know and can verify a 29lb+ brown caught just last year on a 2/0 mouse at night. Kelly Galloup even says if he were chasing monsters. It'd be in the great lakes state. Anyways, most if not all are caught on mice at night.
  8. I know your statement is, at least partly, for fun ... but I feel the need to respond anyway. The only one of your examples that doesn't work is the boat/guide fee connection. I don't think anyone uses guides enough to offset the price of a new boat. 1) I do save money by tying my own flies. 2) At 55 miles to the gallon, I definitely saved money on gas when I had my motorcycle. 3) I know people who don't spend a dime on heating their home, because they burn wood in a fireplace. They do have to work for it, but it definitely saves them a ton of money in the winters. 4) And, if you stock freezers, hunting and fishing can dramatically offset the grocery bill. I have several acquaintances who never buy meat or fish. As with anything ... if you do it to save money, you probably can. If you do it as a hobby and/or distraction from other aspects of your life, then you will likely spend more money to increase the distraction or to feed the hobby. Let me help. 1- despite what most say. Im skeptical its in the black on fly tying. For most anyways. 2- cant do that in the north. 3- if you average it out on btus per dollar. Youll find it almost impossible to beat natural gas. I couldnt pay myself on the micro cents that would be saved. 4- I can sort of give it to you. Beef prices are crazy.
  9. I think you're on to what needs to be said. Trout do not think as we do.
  10. What are the wings on those flies made of(it says hair, but what kind)? I'm going to start sourcing materials for tube flies in that fashion. I want to tie them in smaller sizes(you prob seen my other thread).
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Tube-Fly-Tying-Flexineedle/dp/B00IPURE8S/ref=pd_sim_sg_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0A3143JBNTVV8J7R688T I was thinking something like this?? I'm not at all sure what's involved with the tube process. I have a really basic understanding from what I've read and seems fairly straight forward.
  12. Isn't it called smoltifaction? I catch a lot of rainbows in the inbetween phase where they are starting to chrome out and getting ready to run in the big water. As I fish glakes tribs.
  13. Do you gents and maybe gals think that just buying a variety kit with holder for my rotary will suffice for starting to tie tube flies for steelies? Looks like the equipment is pretty inexpensive for the most part.
  14. I'm under the impression that steelheads are just larger, stronger, anadromous rainbow trout... How can you have a rainbow X rainbow hybrid?! Please tell me if I'm wrong.... I've never fished any pistol Pete's. Or any flies with gear on them. One thing I like is big articulated streamers with rattles, or to tie baitfish on bass worm hooks, or bendbacks style, with multiple beads to rattle. Or tied in the FlyFishFood belly scratcher minnow style. Hook up. Wire/mono loop with beads in it to keel it and make it ride hook up. You're right on that FB. There are different strains of rainbows and the whole group was just reclassified for being closer to Pacific Salmon then thought but there is no steelhead as such. If it lives in big water and runs into streams we call it a steelhead. First in we called them chromes. After they were in the river for awhile, especially if they came in early under the ice up north and hung around, their colors darkened back to regular rainbow. They also stocked Kamloops on the north shore of Lake Superior and they were definitely a different strain. Even fresh in the river they were dark. Deeper in depth and thinner in body than the steelheads coming in they sure could fight, tho didn't jump as much as the original rainbows in Superior. The Skamania strain in Lake Michigan is supposed the real bully of the bunch, outfighting any of them and growing big fast. You should tie up some pistol pete's as either buggers or streamers. I like to put a bead in front and behind the blade to keep them free spinning. I will tie some buggers with spinners on the front just for grins. Funny you say that, prolly next tuesday I will be fishing for Lake Michigan steelies. The runs in the northern sections are still slow, so timing it out right should be good.
  15. I don't fish shoulder to shoulder. I usually will walk quite a ways. I just always hear the other guys talk about throwing the mepps. I personally have no desire to but that doesn't mean I won't be fishing in regions where people are chucking hardware. Just curious as I've always wondered why they don't just throw some woolies.
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