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  1. Thanks guys! I started it sometime in December, and got it half finished, shelved it for 6 months, and then got it out Wednesday and finished it up last night.
  2. Matt P.


    No I don't think that it should behind you, but on your forward cast when you lay it out it will. Try not moving the rod as far back on your backcast, stopping the backwars motion at 1-2 o'clock.
  3. Hmmm. I'm not sure if this is the correct section, but here is a picture of a brook trout that I drew. I'd thought I 'd share it here, and see what you guys think! It was drawn with PrismaColor pencils, and a razor blade for some help.
  4. haha I liked the flies and pies one personally.
  5. got mine today, GREAT FLIES! I just realised i didn't toe-tag my flies, sorry guys!
  6. Thanks guys, lots of great ideas! the red shows through a lot more in real life, depending on the angle and lighting, but yeah, it could show a little bit more. I'll tie up another.
  7. Here's a streamer I tied up. The Bucktail's a little short I think, but tell me what you think!
  8. Thanks for host, good job on keeping people like me organized!
  9. yeah, about 1/2 as much tail, and a tad bit shorter.
  10. Yes, much more balanced. yes the tail is too long, but i think it is a better wing, the way it is tied in and everything.
  11. TMC 100's or Mustad 94840, whichever the current store has...
  12. Well, I would say the bucktail is too long, the shoulder too large, and hackles too straight. Haha I am completely joking. I looks great, and I love that pattern! Great tinsel work there! :headbang:
  13. here's one I tied up with a bucktail belly. I would ahve used purple or yellow, but I'm out of purple, and no yellow dye. so I used white. Wings feel a little long to me.
  14. haha, this christmas was my 2 year anniversary as well! rock on! :headbang:
  15. Thats pretty nice head there. I can't spin deer hair, so its better than my muddler!
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