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  1. Got mine today. Great job everyone this was a fun swap! Quinn
  2. My flies went out UPS today! Quinn
  3. Looks great as always Eide. Quinn
  4. I have 8 done and hope to finish up tomorrow and get them out some time during the week. Quinn
  5. The woolly bugger, very easy and very effective! Quinn
  6. Will - your flies look great! Quinn
  7. ^^^ That Caddis pupa is nice! ^^^
  8. I’m going to be tying a Wilkies Runt for this swap. Quinn
  9. I'm in if you'll have me...pattern TBD Quinn
  10. Welcome to the forum from NH!
  11. Will - I have to agree with you regarding the amount of material on the hook. I Need to get it in the water to know for sure but I would like to find a way to tie it with less hackle but without showing the thread. Your fly looks great! Quinn
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