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  1. What is the appropriate way of how to fish these flies? Leader type/length? Pheasant tail nymph Midge size 20 and smaller Klinkhammer Any emerging fly Got videos or a link I can read up on with detailed instructions? Thanks.
  2. I have been tying flies for my 2nd year now more exclusively. As of this moment, I feel I am more of a tyer than a fly fisherman. Been out twice only fly fishing. In the past, I would tie about 20 some flies for the whitebass run and walleyes in Spring in WI and MN, but these flies are fished with a spinning setup. Being a member of several Facebook groups and meeting people on the river and stores, I always ask the following questions when others share of their catch: What size was the fly? What color was the fly? Was it weighted? Typically, when people post pictures of their catch or their fly, if it sparks my interest, I am usually the first to prompt those questions being that I am still learning. I do not see many asking those questions, hence am I rude or without manners when I ask those questions? I consider myself a largemouth bass fisherman as well. It is somewhat of a taboo to even inquire about the lure and especially the lake or location on the lake where the monster bass was pulled from. I understand this "rule" and always wonder it, but know it is not too polite to ask especially how every lake and body of water seems to be a secret lake. Another reason why I ask the questions is, I have not done enough scouting the water for insects to know what the insects look like besides what I see online of real pics and flies made to mimic it. For example: I finally found my first caddis larvae last weekend when I caught my first brown trout. The caddis was brown and a size 24. Doing a typical google search, most caddis's are green and usually tied on hooks 12-16. With this knowledge now, I feel like I wasted time and money tying green caddis flies in size 16 when the real one sample that I found can be better matched at size 20-22. Considering all of this so far...is it rude or impolite for me to ask those questions? Just want to know if there is an unspoken boundary.
  3. Never knew something as such existed! Best thing I learned today!
  4. I use the bags that house dubbing, hooks, chenile etc.... They all work for me. Wife is a scrapbooker so I use her cutting machine to cut up to 100 strips or more. Like Stevegud1 referred to, my good buddy uses his wife's plastic straps on her braw and they make good scud backing. IMO, they are a bit thick, but manuverable. They are plastic and coloring them is easy too. A bit off topic, but I have been using ribbon for stonefly backing. It was my son's bday and the wife got him some ballons from Party City. I noticed the ribbon tied to the ballon was black and shiny. It was the perfect size to make size 10-16 stonefly backing.
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