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  1. Has any 3rd party considering making a metal set of jaws for a Dan Vise?
  2. Thanks - I had the sane issue with the hook shown on "In The Riffle" - that makes all the sense in the world that it's more like a size 2 or 4. Plan to tie different ones with black, dark brown and gray deer hair. Will be using them for big brook trout and salmon in Maine
  3. I have heard that there is now a LAW VISE "look alike" being manufactured that doesn't come with the same ridiculous price tag - anyone have any idea what it is and where it can be found?
  4. As a first timer in Destin Florida, February/March 2015 could use some help for flies that might yield a pompano and/or redfish from the surf. Being from Maine and the horrible winter there so far, I thought I might be able to warm my buddies hearts with a picture or 2. I have a 9', 9wt rod ready to go Thanks for any pointers you fellows might have.
  5. While surf fishing for stripers along the Maine coast, the waves were pretty big that day but as long as I bent my knees when they hit, I was fine. But as I was removing the hooks from a smaller fish and not paying attention, I looked up to see a rogue wave about 5' away and waist high - plowed me off the rocks head first into a deep gully. My waders were open and as I "dove" in, filled with air near the feet. When I finally bobbed up, the air in the waders feet kept my feet above water so I was a perfect "VEE". Finally had to use my hand gaff to puncture each foot so I could get my feet down and back on the rocks. Have "wet-waded" ever since. BTW - as I was going in had the foresight to toss my 13' surf rod up onto the rocks so all was not lost.
  6. I have the same question - have you made a decision? Very pleased with the Danville but need more "throat" for some of the bigger salt water flies.
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