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  1. Thanks Silver. that was great information.
  2. Thanks Silver, i know alot of duck hunters so this fall i will trade "breasting" birds for their cdc.
  3. Beautiful, a work of art. wish i had friends like that.
  4. I guess i gotta start hitting ducks with my truck, thanks Rick.
  5. Hey guys i know this may seem a bit noobish, but where on the fowl are cdc feathers? I have been plucking pheasants for the past week ( I hit a turkey and two Pheasants( one male one female) in two weeks) .
  6. it would be idiotic to argue the point of is bamboo better than glass or even carbon fiber. It's not about that for me. maybe I am nostalgic or even a bit foolhardy, but I think the way it feels in my hand connects me better to the water. i also own two newer rods and i seldom use them.
  7. I have two split canes, and I am presently working on restoring my third. I own two Horrick Ibbotsons both are from the early fifties ( label recognition) and I am working on a Vom Hoff a 15' five piece. Two tips, Two Mids, and a butt. ( from my reaseach, the VH is from the early 20s). I fish them and love their feel though they are old and considered to be antiques they do the job just fine. My plans for the Vom Hoff is to make two rods from it: a 7' and a 12'. for salmon. I think there's something that charges me extra when I land a fish on either.
  8. If he got mad at me for knocking his feathers over hes gonna shit hooks over this.....
  9. I called the vet and he said to "just push it through", you're good with that,right?
  10. Eide: You skill level is magnificent. I hope to someday to be able to tie as well as you.
  11. Barbs on. let the guy receiving them decide.
  12. Thank You All for your input. Just to let you know I am a fanatic about keeping my equipment clean. whether in salt or fresh; doesnt matter when you do the right thing and take care of the equipment. I have Penn spinning reels from the late 70's that are still in excellent shape that have been in both water types.
  13. Hey guys: I'm getting ready to purchase a new reel . I have it narrowed down between a Lamson and a Sage. I have never purchased either and was wondering what you guys thought. The Reels I choose will be 8 weight but I am oversizing them for one purpose and undersizing them for another. A sage 3200, and a Lamson Guru both are around the same price. tell me what you think.Thanks.
  14. As long as they don't disappoint. I'm still a noob.
  15. They look fine IMO. If i have only one suggestion it would be the head. when tying Clousers, I followed the you tube video by Bob Clouser, He tends to make the head stand up more by angling the hair with a cut. other than that i think they look great.
  16. wow dude ! Those are fantastic!! what is the body interior made from? I'd love to see a SBS on those .
  17. Body is seals fur dubbing that I brushed out after ribbing the body. where does one get seal fur dubbing.? id like to get the link for that because, those are the best dubbed bodies and I'd like to use it for shrimp and crab patterns.
  18. Reading this thread was so long, that I was able to eat an entire half gallon of Breyers ice cream, missed my son grow two inches and now have developed brain cancer from all the uv rays that have embedded themselves in my body.
  19. Thanks Add, I really appreciate the compliment, this was my first attempt at a hairwing streamer. Im going to use this design in a classic streamer swap. I used Sally Hansens, Hard as Nails for the head. I had my wife pick it up for me at Walmart ( I think it was 2.00). I personally like it better than head cement. ( my head cement always got too thick before I used it all).
  20. Kinda Patriotic , kinda Nerdy. this is what happens when I ty at two am. I call it " stars and stripes".
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