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  1. I would say that size 14 is probably as big as you would want to go. Since your new to deer hair I would suggest that maybe you try a few on size 12 just to work on proportions and then work your way down from there. size 16 and 18 would be great!
  2. I agree! that thing would be so handy! I find when I google it i just get places that sell the fur not what it could be used for. Im just curious if it is used for tails, wings, dubbing, collars?
  3. Hi I received a patch of fox fur and badger fur for my birthday, both of them are on the hide. I fish for trout in rivers and streams. Just wondering if there are any tips you guys can give on how to use this material? maybe a few different applications or some specific patterns? Thanks guys!!
  4. Little emerger with CDC and mallard flank
  5. This is the second tying video I've made. Figured out how to get everything in focus! Anyways, this is a quick and easy X-caddis that just uses some Pearl Krystal flash, Dubbing and deer hair! Enjoy!
  6. The devil bug uses pretty much only deer hair. Ive also tied a fly that is kind of like a comparadun. It uses only deer hair and tying thread. The tail is made of deer hair ( half the length of the hook) then measure some deer hair from the tip of the tail to the hook eye. Tie that in with the tips facing backwards, then fold the hair over sot its facing forward to make the body (humpy style). you then tye down the deer hair at the front of the hook and build a wedge with tying thread so it sticks strait up. stick your thumb into the wings so that they are spread 180 degrees around the top of the fly. Hopefully that isnt to wordy and youll be able to figure it out! best of luck my friend!
  7. This is a little video a made showing how to make a march brown warren emerger pattern! what do you guys think.
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