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  1. Good day. Can someone please tell me what the most common use is for cock pheasant wings. I got my hands on a pair, just dont know what to tie with them. Thank you.
  2. Here are pics of the flies I mentioned earlier. These are not photos I took myself, I found them on the web. See my previous posts where I explain how I usually fish them. The legs on the stonefly I use is about 1/3 the length of the 1 showed in the pic, and also it's pitch black.
  3. Will post some pics of those flies as soon as I get home, otherwise I'll see if I can find any pics on the web tonight. You won't catch them while breeding. You can literally drop your fly I front of their noses, they'll ignore it flat. The easiest way to fish for them is definitely sight fishing. Over here they spook easily so normally you have too put in quite a stalk.
  4. Photos of some fish I've caught in the last month.
  5. The species found where I'm from are; Blue tilapia, Spotted tilapia, Red brested tilapia and Nembwe. In our area the blue tilapia will grow the biggest, followed by the nembwe which were introduced to our area and don't get as big here as they do elsewhere in Africa. The Nembwes are caught most often as they are ambush predators and caught in much the same way as Bass. Of the other species, the blue tilapia is caught most often. They can be quite aggressive on the right day. I'll post these links I found on the eating habits of the Blue, Spotted and Mozambican tilapia. http://www.feral.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/TILFS3_web.pdf http://m.myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/freshwater/nonnatives/spotted-tilapia/ http://m.myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/freshwater/nonnatives/blue-tilapia/
  6. Im not sure what species you guys have there, but we have 4 kinds where I live. 3 of them are omnivorous and 1 is mostly carnivorous. Had great success with the following: White death, weightless fished slowly near the bottom using 4x tippet. Very subtile takes. Olive woolly buggers, weighted. Black stonefly nymphs on overcast days work quite well. I use ones with 4 short rubber legs and a small marabou tail, weighted on a floating line let it sink for a while and retrieve slowly with long strips. Olive cats whiskers fished medium to fast with short strips on sunny days. Adams fished slowly late afternoons on hot sunny days. I suppose any small dry fly would work. Hope you come right, pound for pound they fight much harder than bass and they don't give up until you get them out of the water. Keep me posted if you manage to get 1 on the hook.
  7. Sorry thanks to the rest of you guys as well. You all posted whilst i was busy typing the previous post. Mike I mostly fish still freshwaters for largemouth bass, tilapia and nembwe, which is also a kind of tilapia. Then I love river fishing, nymphing, for smallmouth yellowfish. Occasionally I fish saltwater for mostly GT's, but will obviously take anything that decides to bite my fly. In Mpumalanga where I'm moving, most of the still waters only have european carp and catfish, so what aught to be a new challenge for me.
  8. Thanks agn54. I live in northern KZN South Africa, but I'm moving to the Mpumalanga province in the near future. I'll be much closer to the larger cities then, but won't be able to fish that frequently as I live on a farm at the moment and I have quite allot of access to private waters here. As for the vice, it looks brand new and everything seems to be there. Only problem is one of our cleaning ladies broke the plastic clamp of the bobbin rest that connects it to the saft of the vice whilst cleaning there. I must still check if I'll be able to stick it together again. I'm sure I'll be able to make a plan though.
  9. Good day everyone, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I've been fly fishing for a couple of years now but ive mostly bought my flies. Living in Africa I don't always find what I need, so I decided to start tying. I got a Peak rotary vice from one of my friends who stopped tying, not sure if its any good, but it doesn't look half bad. Over the last few months I've started buying some materials where I can, its hard finding these things as I dont live close to any major cities. I'm planning to start tying in a month or so as soon as I get settled into my new job. Look forward to learning alot from you guys. Rooiwillie
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