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  1. it all feels VERY backwards to tie, my brain does not understand it, but i like trying new stuff. it feels like i'm tying with my left hand at times. i guess it's healthy for my brain to try new things though
  2. I never dabbled in it... until yesterday... i tried a basic pattern, and today, a new one... still looks all backwards to my eye, but i like trying new things. the first effort was rushed, and i was visiting a friend and used gigantic rough thread from the "junk drawer" haha. the second is slightly finer, i like the pattern, though the execution leaves something to be desired... And here's the kind of thing i'd normally be hacking at on the vice.
  3. a form that is it's own category. it's not classic but it's not without merit or artistry.
  4. A vice at a pawn shop! that is fantastic! your daughter got big points on that one i bet! Stevester, i am in southern ontario currently, i feel uncomfortable accepting such a generous offer. can i send you some flies or something in return if the transaction works out?
  5. The first fly rod i ever had. it's happily displayed in my dad's garage. i had no idea he had kept it, but me and my girlfriend visited my parents this week, and there it was!!!
  6. hey all, thanks so much for the fine words, particularly you Mr Ray. I have to say, there is something really great and (maybe sadly) prideful about having really beautiful, and functional stuff. but it's really not necessary. i'd be outrun by many shoeless men, regardless of how much i spend on my nike's. i will go back to some higher end vices eventually (a tube vice in particular will be the first purchase) but for now, i sure am glad to have had this old thing in my drawer to help out. it will wobble a little a little, unless you lean on it "just so" with your hand haha, works perfect once you have the technique down!
  7. haha there are a couple places you could've seen them before. i'm sort of diving right into this online thing after putting it off for a long time. so between here, twitter, and a couple other forums they've made their rounds introducing me.
  8. Well, i broke my streak, i had gone my 32 years without losing baggage while travelling... until now... and my three precious vices are gone too. A snow travel vice, Anvil apex, and a Nor-vise, plus assorted materials, and your standard array of tools. sad sad angry man i was. but i had one oldie sitting in a drawer, and it has some quirks to be polite, but it's a classic nonetheless haha, though it's grown rickety over the years, i can still awkwardly use it for now. you just have to get used to how it shifts and such, like a beater car where you have to have the radio on or the AC won't work haha. Is anyone else using a cheaper vice, or even a homemade, or tying in hand? i'd love to see some pics if people are??? it's good to remember how much we can accomplish with the simpler things. i have a jar going in my house where i am starting to put change and any leftovers i can come across, and will build my vices back up on day. but for a younger guy starting a family with my wifey, it's going to be a dollar at a time. this is some of my january/february work. everything tied on the cheap ol'vice. i'm sure you'll all recognize it. through in a couple fishing pics to help introduce myself. if any of you are on twitter @flytyermiller ][/url] ][/url]][/url]][/url]][/url]][/url]][/url]][/url]][/url] [/url]][/url]
  9. Hey all, let's see, what are the basics here... spent my entire life in a fly tying shop and around tyers and fisherman. i hope some of it rubbed off on me. i'm 32, canadien boy. let's just get to the pictures that's really what we want isn't it? haha i've started a youth based fly tying program here that is starting to take off (of course involves fishing outings as well) here's some of my recent stuff (within the last week while the snows been falling) Just love the hobby and the culture of it. if you want to reach me or check out anymore of what i'm unto, it's all fly fishing related, @flytyermiller on twitter. trying to get a fly swap going, i'll mail you a fly you mail me a fly, hasn't gone anywhere yet, but i'm putting it out there on twitter in #flytying ][/url] ][/url] ][/url] ][/url] ][/url][url=
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