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  1. These are all great flies, but clean your heads up a lil. I dont want to critique the flies to much because I am not an expert like the other people on This forum. My first bunch of flies looked alot worse then that. Keep tying practice hard and this will be ome a amazing hobby you will love forever.
  2. Im taking it outside today to learn how to cast. Ive watched a couple videos but it never hurts to watch more I did not expect it to be that light weight.
  3. I finally have my outfit in the mail. Its a 6wt 9ft 4pc redington crosswater, I cant wait to try it out.
  4. Great fly, fly tire. Doesnt chennile soaks up water fast though
  5. Ohh its because you girly girls dont like a lil thorn Hahaha Ive been hooked in a lot of places but not there.
  6. apparently ou didnt see my first fly haha
  7. You really need to make a video of you tying these flies there remarkable
  8. Here a little "doodle" I did over the weekend. Some great flies this month.
  9. How much deer hair do you buy? And how messy is you flytying area?
  10. I dont know if this is of any help but... http://www.gogetdelivery.com/shop-by-aisle/household-misc/paper-plastic/plastic-wrap/clear-plastic-wrap-66-2-3-yd-x-12-inch.html
  11. I maybe way off but is that weaved peacock herl?
  12. Our dog found this one yesterday hope we find more!
  13. Yup, whats the name of the fly your tying
  14. Im no expert but you could make those green legs in to Krystal flash and make the tail a very bright color marabou or something else thats bright that has sparkels in it. But if it is supposed to float or what you were shooting for never mind
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