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  1. I fish a 10' rod for SH and the big fall browns. I would prefer a shorter rod if I were going to be pitching streamers all day for pike and bass. If I were buying a multi-purpose rod, I think I would go with a shorter rod. It will be much more comfortable for streamer fishing, and in most cases the extra foot isn't entirely necessary for the nymphing applications. However, $150 the 10 footer isn't exactly breaking the bank, so you may be able to polish a few more pennies and save up for a pike/bass rod.
  2. Good point! Casting takes some practice. A good way to limit the tangles is to water-load. Flick it downstream, then flick it upstream, repeat, etc. Each time you are lengthening your line. When ready, punch it out where you want it. I too am from CT. I follow some of Steve's blog. I'm sure I have bumped into him a time or two. He is a very good fisherman, and yes, he too would proobabl tell you that you're killing yourself if you're only fishing one fly. But like everything, there is a time, place, and certain application for everything.
  3. I ALWAYS fish at least two flies while nymphing and dry-flying! It's a very efficient way to cover the trout's menu to see what they want. It's up to you to experiment, but typically I tie on a fly, and thread another piece of tippet through the eye of the fly to trail another fly below. It's easy and quick to rig. Or you can tie another piece of tippet off the hook bend of the top fly. If I am euro fishing, I will normally tie a blood knot or surgeons and tie my dropper of the tag. Weighting the rig is something you are going to have to tinker with on your own. But yes, fish multiple flies!
  4. I love tying with snowshoe! It's very buggy looking. Ties well for nymphs, and especially dries! The usual (as posted above) is my go-to dry fly. I can't think of the site, but if you google "snowshoe rabbits foot" there is a place that sells very good quality feet in many different colors. Great material!
  5. I love this tie! What did you use for dubbing?
  6. I love fishing Usuals. They are super quick and super easy to tie. I tie them in all different colors. They are a fantastic emerger pattern. In fact, the Usual is normally my go-to for just about all of my dry-flying. I fish them on top, and then I let them swing on the end of the drift so they go under. They also fish very well as a wet fly
  7. I'm in! I don't really tie midges, but I guess this a good time to learn.
  8. Damn...the hardest part is getting in on a swap before it's full. That's the reason I want to start my own. I've only been able to get in on one swap so far since January. But thanks for the replies. Somebody, feel free to open a new swap and invite me I will also work on being more active on the forum. Thanks again!
  9. Who do I talk to about becoming a swapmeister? I've gone through all the the "sticky" threads with notes an rules from the Admins, but it seems that none of them have logged on over a year. Thanks!
  10. I recently learned a new way to fish rabbits. Was fishing on a river not too far below a dam. Above the dam, the lake is loaded with smelt. To replicate the dead smelt that drift through the dam ond down the river, we used a very crude looking zonker pattern which was only a short piece of rabbit and s little bit of etaz to cover the hook. We were dead drifting the fly right on the surface and try to maintain the drift without any swimming action. Kep you rod tip up high and get ready.....the fish would come out of nowhere and smack the fly. Lots of fun. I've never fished a streamer like that.
  11. That's a neat idea. I'll tie a few and give them a try. Let us know how it works for you!
  12. I just recently started tying and fishing large articulated's this winter. So far, my favorites are the Headbanger Sculpin, The Hog Snare, and the Icepick...all designed by Rich Strolis. Check his videos out on Vimeo. Awesome patterns. Another pattern that I like is the Deer Hair Sluggo. I found this one on youtube. I haven't fished it yet, but I look forward to fishing these at night once the water warms.
  13. Great tie! Looks very fishy!
  14. Steelhead. This past fall on a Northern NY river, I hooked my first steelhead while targeting large browns. I never understood the hype about steelhead fishing. When my indicator twitched, I set the hook, and the fight lasted about 10 seconds......maybe less. I was so impressed with the speed and power the fish had. The it came clear out of the water a couple of feet and broke me off. The fish was easily over 10lbs. Not sure how big of a SH that is to most standards...but it was certainly a big fish in my book comparing it to the fish we see in our local rivers here in CT.
  15. I used 19 strand Beadalon wire, which I buy at a craft store. The wire I used is a little light for pike. I think most guys prefer a heavier guage wire for bite protection. There is also a small articulate shank attached to the rear hook. I just picked up articulated flies this season. They are fun to tie. Once you get the hang of it, you can tie them pretty quick. ....And, by the way, I don't pike fish. This is actually a fly that my buddy turned me on to for trout. Look up Rich Strolis on vimeo. He has over 100 videos, and quite a few are articulated patterns, some of which are specifically designed for pike. He is a great tier, and most of his patterns are pretty easy to tie.
  16. Nice flies! Thanks for organizing the swap. Sorry again for holding up the swap. Sometimes life is a real pain in the a**. Love the pick!!! Nice color scheme! I tie a smaller articulated version of these for trout.
  17. Excellent tie! Very simple and effective pattern. I have several dyed rabbit's feet. I like usuals and all different colors. Any time I am dry-flying, there is almost always a usual at the end of my multi-fly rig. I too like the camparadun wing. Nice touch!
  18. I plan to finish up this weekend. Address, please...
  19. I have done this with both flies and indicators. It works VERY well! However, I did take note that it works better with natural materials. I prefer to use wool. I really like those New Zealand Indicators. You can also buy ScotchBrite at the grocery store. It's used for waterproofing fabric....works well on flies too. Those drying agents are also a big help. The powders, and shakes....I always have one of those with me.
  20. I really like his patterns! They're somewhat simple, nice on the eye, and the fish seem to like them!
  21. I'll tie the Masked Avenger....a Rich Strolis pattern.
  22. I'd like in on this please.
  23. Awesome! I grew up in Milford. A couple of areas near the point have some very fun spring striper fishing to be had! And there usually isn't much of a crowd in these places. We'll have to meet up one day this spring!
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