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  1. Sorry for the late reply. But I usually do 1.5-2 wraps as well. However, your flies look great and if they fish well I wouldn't change a thing!
  2. The hackle doesn't seem too overly long. I tend to tie mine a bit shorter though. Also, I like mine a little more sparse than that but that's totally personal preference. Fish them and let us know how they do!
  3. Looks like I've only got 10,000 left to tie
  4. I hate tying experiments that end up going poorly and waste material because they don't pan out like you thought
  5. The guy lives in southeastern PA and knows what he's doing, I believe he said his strain has been worked on for much longer than he's been alive and he is the apprentice to that man. I bought two saddles from the Lancaster show. Good quality for a good price.
  6. Very nice job. Tie that in olive and you will have what is very close to my favorite big brown trout food, Galloup's Sex Dungeon.That (polar flash?) synthetic hackle makes a great change over the schlappen. Looks like a mixture of a sex dungeon and an articulated complex twist bugger. Great stuff man!
  7. X2 with cheech being very open and clear about his testing. He did a very good job at being unbiased. I too use loon products. I found the CCG syringes to be terrible and that was the whole reason I switched to loon and I won't look back.
  8. I believe the Herbert miner series has less dense hackle fibers. Therefore, the difference in cost. However, for most applications the Herbert miner cape I own is just fine.
  9. Just remember "Calm is smooth, smooth is fast"
  10. I hate it when you're tying articulated streamers and the hook grabs you...so you naturally bury it even deeper by jumping and cussing.
  11. My team is the Broncos....but Carolina is definitely going to make it a good game! I'm a little(a lot) nervous actually
  12. Im going to have to second that request!! Can I 3rd that? I mean I don't even understand how the colors and the packing and the holy crap I'm lost already
  13. #1. Size 8 olive wooly bugger #2. Fly fish food's complex twist bugger in a color variation that I came up with. #3. Either a sculpin pattern or again one of fly fish foods alevin streamers (obviously dead drifted)
  14. I saw this thread this morning and tried building a cutter this evening...It worked amazing! I used a rabbit hide to make a ton of zonker strips in probably 3 minutes and I am sure I saved money in the process. Thanks for the tip!!
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