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  1. I had a 7' 5w Palakona, used my Hardy LRH Lightweight on it. A Hardy rod needs a Hardy reel.
  2. In addition to what Flytire mentioned- San Juan Worm. Nothing easier.
  3. Another vote for the Albright knot.
  4. Work? I vaguely remember the concept.... Retired, was a sales rep in Colorado for a powersports distributor.
  5. CJ's rocked for me last season in my local Maine stream. Red and chartreuse , 18's and 20's. My go-to is usually bead-head Hare's Ear, but the CJ out performed them in this particular stream. I fished them with and without extra weight, depending on conditions.
  6. > TheCream> Those browns are all wild, thousands of them.
  7. Flytire> Yep. From Mt. Evans SWA down to Morrison. We moved to Maine about 14 months ago, Bear Creek was my home for decades.
  8. Back home to Colorado. Bear Creek.
  9. Stevester- I still have many items bought from Herters. My fly tying kit from them still survives today- the vise, manual, tools, and some materials. Their writers had jobs for life, even the smallest item had paragraphs, it seems, describing it's virtues.
  10. I like paper as well. I still go to the websites, but catalogs like Feather Craft's are way easier to browse. I buy from their website but their catalog got me there.
  11. My dad taught me how to whip finish when I was 10 or so... Lay a loop of tying thread parallel to the hook, with the loop extending past the hook eye, make the appropriate number of turns to finish the head, put the thread through the loop, and pull it through. Voila... Works fine on large flies, for the little guys, the tool is awesome.
  12. Cold? Not like living in the Colorado Rockies. They've never seen 40 below here or 5/6 feet of snow in one day. Above all, Maine is still America the way it used to be.
  13. Good morning, I've recently re-introduced myself to tying flies, after having neither the time nor the inclination for 40-50 years. Retired to Maine from Colorado last year. I fish for trout, whenever and wherever I can. I'm looking forward to picking everyone's brains...
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