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  1. I would love some feedback from you guys when you get your flies as this was my first swap and I would love to know what I could improve on! It's been fun thank you.
  2. I'm looking at doing an epoxy minnow. It might be a little small but I hope you guys are ok with it.?.
  3. BassBuster I need your adress to send my flies shoot me a PM when you get the chance!
  4. I would rather drop the number to 9
  5. My first time tying for a swap. Would love some feedback.
  6. Crackleback that's an awesome fly. I think my supplies will be in tomorrow. I can't wait to get started and hopefully I can get a picture up this week.
  7. Sounds good to me. I just made my order for new materials I am planning on doing a streamer with blue as the primary color. On a gamakatsu 2/0 hook.
  8. Sounds good I did a lot of looking and I am ordering my supplies today. I'm excited and watched a lot of videos on youtube. Thanks for the support guys this will be fun. Vicrider are you planning on joining us.
  9. I would like to join. I am putting a disclaimer that I just started tying flies so I understand if you would rather have someone with more experience. Just let me know!
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