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  1. I don't know why but I've always kind of been embarrassed by how many spools of threads I have, almost like a hoarder. But after reading this thread I feel much better about myself, I only have around 100 or so, you guys with 100+ are freaks 😉
  2. I kind of agree with you Bimini, feathers and hair for me or I may as well get my spin gear and a rapala. Not that there is anything wrong with these or that I wouldn't consider it fly fishing, it's just not for me.
  3. My wife decided to clean my tying desk last week while I was busy doing other things. Still trying to find certain things, I think she threw away the hares mask but won't admit it.
  4. I like the new old stock Mustad hooks, quite the collection you got there.
  5. Just a comment on the video production that after posting and reading seemed to be a little nit picky, I don't like to be like that. It's a nice tie and a nice video. As for using the copper john to get your smaller and lighter nymphs down deep in place of a split shot or other weight. I think it's fairly effective, I have done that when at the deeper pools with good results. I don't see how a split shot would be any better and why not have another fly attached to your line, it's really serving to purposes in place of the weight just serving on purpose.
  6. Deleted because it came across as a critique and it certainly wasn't meant that way. Great tie.
  7. Strange, he made his Nor vise into a conventional rotary vise. I had to go to the Nor vise website to see if that is an option or just something he made. Anyway back on topic, seems as though he likes to help the police and prosecutors, he has a video taped confession all delivered at the departments disposal, not real bright IMO, unless he for some reason has the proper permissions to posses them. There was another thread about Gull feathers. If I were to pick up a gull feather, Heron feather or whatever you find, I certainly wouldn't be advertising it on the internet. I think it might be cool to tie something with an exotic feather at some point but I wouldn't make a habit of it, I think with today's sourcing options you could easily come up with an alternative that is legal.
  8. The only thing I'm taking from an eagle is his picture, this one stayed still long enough for me to shoot on my favorite trout stream. https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/3WB5v4
  9. God I hope our government has better things to do like fighting terrorism rather than going after and prosecuting those who pick up feathers to tie flies with, but for some reason I don't think so. I certainly do get the protection of birds of prey and I also understand the importance of going after those who target the birds for sale of their feathers. That said, having possession of a gull wing or in my area a single eagle feather there would be some amount of common sense applied and conclude there was no threat or harm done to those birds.
  10. That's a pretty girl you caught there.
  11. I believe we'll be wrapping thread around a hook for as long as man and fish are on this planet. I tie for two reasons, one is to catch fish but I also like just to tie in my spare time while I watch the game or whatever. It's relaxing and lets my mind drift away from whatever might be happening in life. I'll never fish most of the flies I tie and a lot of them are terrible to be honest, probably a waste of money if you were to be tying for fishing only but as I said that is not the only purpose, or the main purpose really. Paying for capes and other materials is just the price of admission to a life long hobby/passion, it's money well spent when you consider the money we waste on other things in life, worth it in my book.
  12. I like that idea, think I'll grab a dozen from the department store next time I'm there.
  13. The one Flytire pictured are the ones I'm talking about, there's also a smaller one that is great for beads and eyes.
  14. At Micheals or some other arts and craft shop they sell small round clear plastic dishes with screw on caps. These dishes all fit into an tray so they stay together. You can use a sharpie on a piece of tape to indicate what type of hook is inside.
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