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  1. Thanks flytire! That's a nice link, something similar to what I had in mind on a larger scale.
  2. Thank utyer! Thats a lot of very useful information to look through.
  3. Im looking for a feather chart(s), something I could pin up or put in a binder with pictures that identify the different feathers most commonly used in fly tying and the applications. The more inclusive the better. I did a few searches and came up with nada. Anything like this out there?
  4. Thanks phg and ditz2! I going to check out the flyanglersonline.
  5. Thanks phg and mike, There is a website michigandryflies. Im going to pick out some patterns from there...and go. On another note I found How to Tie Flies, by E.C. Gregg online free. Are there any other free Fly Tying Books that are a good choice?
  6. You didn't step on any toes mike. I appreciate everyone's advise. Its just aggravating and funny that I thought I was going to hit the ground running.
  7. Thanks utyer, I will check it out. How do you make your own dubbing and out of what?
  8. Somehow I knew that was coming... Its more than a little frustrating not being able to grasp the fundamentals of something that seems so leisurely. I wouldn't feel so bad if this was particle acceleration and string theory forum. Thanks for the advise mike Ill try to get onboard.
  9. So would a poly pro yarn be a good start for a dub all.
  10. Not anything specific, accept mostly dry flies in general. Just trying to unify my materials list before I purchase. I'm Scottish and German... so although sometimes I scavenge to build I don't scrimp on the engineering, Integrity, and usefulness of the product. lol
  11. Im trying to determine what dubbing materials to purchase for dry fly bodies. In my inexperience im rationalizing that when tying dry flies to keep your flies on the dryer side one would select materials that are more buoyant? I say this because I would rather use materials creating and maintaining buoyancy rather than topical coatings. Are their significant differences or are they marginal? What are the more buoyant materials?
  12. I would like to buy the most buoyant dubbing material, but not expensive. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks portlyjoe and Chase Creek, I'm getting ready to put an order together and want to keep it as simple as I possibly can. I'll get the copy of Fly Tyer and subscribe as well.
  14. Thank You Kirk! That was definitely a missing part of my puzzle I needed to fill in.
  15. Thank You All, flytire for the list of materials and valuable advise from your experience, like utyer. And Thank you Bellevue.chartreuse.trout for the Dowiagac River/Creek Hookup. Its close enough. My father and relatives are from that area. Its awesome the way that I have been welcomed into this forum. To say the least.
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