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  1. Carl, I like Medium Fast action. 4 Pieces. Similar to Powell or Sage.
  2. Trout Bum, last season I tied 15 black stonefly nymphs with a small tuft of marabou for the tails. They outperformed any other nymph pattern I had. Food for thaught.
  3. The fly isnt bad OSD -- Like the reader above I would make the fly flow a little more..looks a bit like a croos between Atlantic Salmon/Spey Fly. TRy using marabou. Fun to tie speys with...I have caught many many steelies fished slow and close to the bottom on marabou speys. I wet my fingers and moisten the hackle ...sweep it all to one direction and wrap around the hook shank. hThen I blow on it or use a hairdryer to open up the fly. Works great.
  4. Wow!!! a woman on the site. Will, ya hear that. Great ... it's good to see that we are diversifying. Ever need help with any patterns or getting started this is the place to look for info.
  5. Welcome aboard.......hope you stick around. LOts to learn, and I'd love to see some of your patterns.
  6. I might be a bit, no maybe a tad swayed in the process but you have to have a workstation!!!! Yea, Yea, I make great workstations but thats not the point now is it? LOL. Anyway, over the years you will accumulate many many tools, some you make yourself, some you buy...but bud your just getting started. Have Fun
  7. These eggs are nice in low water conditions as well as high. The eggs absorb water very rapidly and sink like a rock. I dont mind tying glo bugs as they have been a staple for me for years. --K. Burtis
  8. Great Looking Flies Man, I think a nice chartreuce tail would look awesome!!! Keith B. Bears Den Woodshop
  9. I think tyiong standard patterns is boring. I would rather make up a pattern than look in a book and copy it. In fact, I dont think I have ever followed a patter to the tee. I love varying patterns. Use what you have. I like to tye to the conditions rather than to patterns. MY 2cents Keith Bears Den Woodshop
  10. It is very important that you are comfortable with what you are fishing with. Midge fishing during low water conditions works well but I honestly cant stand fishing the damn things. I have great eye sight and can never seem to thread the hooks. As far as midge fishing goes...sparse is better....small hooks wrapped with peackock work great...add a little brass tag and you have a winner. Keith Bears Den Woodshop
  11. Ok Jim, I have tied in excess of 10,000 of these particular flies. I am actually doing a demo for my website that will be fully pictured but it is not up yet. I wish it was...very soon. Anyway, Here goes. It looks like you might have been a little sparse on the glo Bug Yarn or egg yarn. First, cut 2 pieces about an inch and a quarter long. Keep them stock size do not pull out any fibres. Then grab a third piece same length but keep sparse. Tyr Orange with sparse red. stack these up on the tying bench. Next tye in the thread in center of egg hook. Keep it light dont build up too much thread. Next, place the stack on the hook and wrap over loosly. Then a second wrap that will cinch it to the hook tight. make a third wrap to secure it. Next pull the fibres up and out of the waymake a couple alternating wraps from front to back of the egg yarn to secure it in tightly and so it doesnt slide back and forth. tie to the front and tie off the head. Pull tightly upward on all the egg fibres. Snip about 1/4 inch off hook shank and let the material flare. I hope this helps a bit. Like I said i will have some detailed pics up soon. Keith Bears Den Woodshop
  12. Is anyone else in the western / souther New york area? Even the northern PA area? I am looking for someone to go exploring with. I have a bunch of great streams between here and there. Let me know guys. Keith B. Bears Den Woodshop
  13. Wow Guys, thats really a good deal. I may do that. I have a bit of an ethics problem though. Being a small woodshop I like to try and put my cash into the smaller handmade shops. Not that I am rich or anything but I've always believed what comes around goes around. I buy all my meats from the local butcher instead of the Wallmart food store. I guess it's just one of those things. Bears Den Woodshop
  14. I am in on the flies to ti. I will bang out some bead head wooly buggers in black and brow with copper and silver bead heads for weight. Please let me know if you need any donations. I may be interestyed in donating one of my benches or possibly a couple of custom wood flyboxes to the cause. Please put me on the list. Send E-mail for details. Bears Den Woodshop
  15. Is that hares ear dubbing???? Thanks -- Bear
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