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  1. Hi Ran I've only been tying for just over a year, I started with a fixed vice and was given a Renzetti Traveller (Rotating Vise) for Christmas 2014. My flies have improved outta sight. I use the rotating function all the time, I just put a hitch inthe thread and stand it to one side, it allows me to tie hackle, herl, dubbing, with ease. Its perfect when finishing flies and adding colouyr with markers or adding cement and UV when you can rotate and get to the underside of the fly so easily. Thats my experience dewey www.donwhiteman.com
  2. Crackaig, not fair man check what I did on Saturday Started with a chopping board from IKEA Some Tasmanian Oak from the timber yard and some brass screws, a few hours and it makes life easier. Needs a little fine tuning,but works really well Total cost $50-00
  3. Welcome FlyGuy 613, This is one of the most addictive pasttimes but I'm having a ball
  4. Hi FlaFly, they started out as Teeny Nymphs and and wooly buggers on no6 hooks. They looked way to big so used no 10's for a couple of nights and went to 12's, 14's and now 16's. I think that going to a tying group is a great help as there are so many ideas that comne from there and so much knowledge. I guess I had a perfect beginning to this hobby.
  5. started tying in February this year and really enjoy it
  6. Only started tying in February but pretty chuffed with my latest fly Emerger Caddis Pupa
  7. Have fished all my life, but only started fly fishing last year, earlier this year my local fly shop started a tying group and Iwent along for a look see to and got sucked in big time. I found it fascinating how a fly is built up over many layers to become what we throw at fish. I looked forward to our monthly meeting and learning some new ideas and flies to tie. Met a great bunch of people with so much knowledge to share. I bought a vise kit and started tying teeny nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs and Red Tags. I am very happy with what I have done to date and it is agreeat vise to learn on. I decided that after I got the technique worked out I would invest in a better vise, definately a rotary. A really dear friend was coming to stay for Easter, he doesn't tie or fish but he went and bought me a gift, a Renzetti Traveller with some materials to go with it, man what a gift. They are a beautifully machined work of art. Smooth in operation. I am going to donate my old vise tomy tying grouop so someone new can learn as I am doing I sat down night before last and tied some flies on the Renzetti. The fly I'm tying at the moment is an emerging caddis pupae. The new vise makes this tie so much easier. It was sheer pleasure tying these babies. The results were not too bad
  8. I live inner west. The best guy to talk to about Fly fishing for Kingfish is Juan Del Carmen, he ties unbelievable flies an dfishes Sydney Harbour regularly for Kingfish and Bonito http://www.advancedflyfishingschool.com.au/tours/ Cheers
  9. Emerger Caddis Pupa 1st attempt at this fly Size 14 Caddis Hook, Copper Body, Brown Thread Golden Olive Dubbing, Synthetic Raffia Wing Case Wood Duck Wing Mallard Horns some UV on head case
  10. Names Dewey Started tying about 2 months ago, having a blast and starting to tie some realistic looking flys. Joined a group based in Sydney called Bar Flys, meets once a month for a tying sessions at Sydney Guide and Fly Outfitters run by John Marshall. Is alwys a great night and learning heaps from some pretty good tyers. At the moment my favourite tie is an Emerger Caddis along the lines that Davie McPhail ties. Still a bit scrappy but getting better each tie.
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