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  1. Well that would make much more sense!
  2. utyer - I think I understand about the chenille. I need to look at it some more to fully grasp it though. For these two flies, I haven't used any wire to hold the hackle. mikechell - I have no clue why the picture posted sideways. I don't mind you drawing on it at all though. I did notice the flaws that you mentioned before posting it, but frankly for my second fly ever I felt a little pride in it. With that said, I am going to focus on that with the third one. I did go onto that site that you sent me and I've been watching the videos and reading some of his other stuff which I feel helped a lot. Gene L - Thank you! If you are talking about the hackle flaring out in all directions, then I'm curious as to how you wrap it. I don't see any issues with it flaring all around, but I have very little experience in this field of fishing.
  3. Ok so I've been looking at more videos and at a website that someone showed me and this was my second attempt at the same fly. Still needs work but I feel like this was a far better attempt at tying. Comments and critiques are always welcome.
  4. I think I follow you. Like I said, I have to keep trying it.
  5. Good to know! The book that came with my kit didn't explain things all that well. I believe I should have wrapped the feather around the shank to give it the fuzzy look all around it. It is a fly that I like using and wish to master it. I think I will try to work on making it for bass then get smaller for the trout since I have less chances to fish for them versus the bass.
  6. I'm still trying to find my way around this forum. It's a lot different from the motorcycle forum I'm on daily so I have to learn quickly. I feel like I was so excited to start one that I rushed it more than I should have
  7. Ok so I'm really new here. Not even an hour officially. So hello, I'm Tyler from North Texas. I finally caught my first trout after three years of trying (a couple days each year). Needless to say I've really been wanting to get into this sport. I got a tying kit and finished my first fly ever, an olive/black wooly bugger so any feedback on it would be amazing.
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