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  1. my parents moved to sw Florida a few years ago. Avid fishermen, just not on the fly. They love it. A bit too hot for me.
  2. Thanks, it's a hang time variation with ostrich/peacock instead of hackle, and a Finn coon collar in front. Haven't got that one wet yet, but I know blue/white are hot colors for Arthur hybrids. I'm also in westmoreland county, just outside greensburg. That trout is from loyalhanna creek and the carp is from mammoth lake.
  3. Hi all. Been lurking here for quite a while. Learning lots. Figure I may finally be able to contribute something back. I've been fly fishing for the last 4 years or so. Slowly weaning myself off of conventional fishing. Really enjoy targeting carp on the fly, but also target panfish, trout, steelhead(erie) and bass. Really want to get a walleye from one of the three rivers this winter/spring. And some hybrid stripers from lake Arthur. Looking forward to contributing and asking questions.
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