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  1. Hahahaha! Honestly my first attempt at tying a fly was using a similar vice! It worked . . . sort of . . .
  2. Awesome! But I keep calling the phone number to order these and the phone never rings or anything . . . they must be really busy.
  3. Welcome!! This is a friendly place!!
  4. One of my favorites is to use green tooth floss for bodies on scud hook midges . . .
  5. I totally agree that you don't have to spend a lot of money on tools . . . unless you WANT to. It's the difference between "need" and "want" and that is a very personal choice. When I started tying with a Thompson AA, it worked fine . . . held my hooks solidly and the trout seemed to like my results! But it was a tad hard to adjust and when I could afford to I upgraded to a Renzetti Traveler. I certainly didn't need to, but I wanted to! My guess is that we all started as inexpensively as we could, not knowing if we would like tying. Once we found we enjoyed it some of us upgraded as our financial situation changed. Financially we are all at different places and tying has different levels of importance to each of us. But I do still get enjoyment from finding a "make-do" home hack!! And there are some great ones here! But don't feel guilty if you decide to purchase a more expensive tool if you can afford it and it gives you joy. Just my opinion.
  6. Wow!! That is really nice!!! Love it! Thanks for the idea!
  7. It may be me . . . but all my little flies tied on scud hooks seem to come lose . . . especially ones tied more down the curve of the hook.
  8. Can you still see your flies so you can choose one? I'm thinking about a bunch of say zebra midges size 22 . . .? I love the idea here it certainly wouldn't cost much to give it a try!!
  9. It's been awhile since there has been a good discussion on the pros and cons of various fly boxes on the market today. (C&F, Tacky, etc.). I bring it up again as I'm frustrated with my nymph boxes . . . especially for size 20 and smaller flies. Currently I'm using a Tacky box and everyone was praising how well they do for small flies! I have no idea why but my Tacky box works well for sizes 10 through 14 or so. Not sure why I'm having issues . . . but I'm fed up with my small flies not being held and blowing away! Suggestions?
  10. Robert just posted a video on how he ties his fly! Thanks Robert!!!!!
  11. Really like that second video by in the riffle ....I can see that one working at the beginning of our season here in Australia. Thanks Retro!!! I will be trying this out for sure! I guess I got infatuated with the concept after first watching Roger Duckworth's extended body ( ) where the parachute is tied in between the hook and the extended body. So simple to do!!! Yea . . . I know tying a regular parachute isn't hard after practice! And I'm doing okay re-learning this (my brain knows but my fingers need more practice!! Hahaha!).
  12. Honestly . . . I found exactly the opposite!!! I spent years tying 18-24s. But when I tried to tie some of the saltwater flies . . . they just sucked!! Took quite awhile to get okay. And never got very good!!!! Just too much room!!!!
  13. I love the parachute on Robert's fly! If it floats upright (or upside down! LOL!) and that parachute will last for a few fish . . . I a SUPER fan of this fly!! And I still am a fan of it as a piece of art!! Robert rocks!!
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