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  1. An SBS would be much appreciated Mark
  2. I liked the egg clusters Mark. How did you for them on the hook? Small pieces one at a time?
  3. My buddy & I are interested in fishing the FFO section of stream. Just wondering if it would be worth the trip from Erie. I fished McConnells Mill when I was a lot younger, didn't fly fish then.
  4. Just got some mink fur & was wondering what flies I might tie with it
  5. Been steelhead fishing in Erie tribs I have been using Berkley Vanish 2x & Maxims Ultragreen 2x leader as tippet material. I keep having problems of my knots coming undone after hooking a fish. I have tried an improved clinch knot and tried a Pitzen knot. I make sure they are tight. Is this ok for tippet material or should I buy regular fluorocarbon in 2x. If I tighten it to tight it breaks.
  6. I was some jungle cock capes on eBay from Estonia for $35 plus $9.50 for shipping. I want to the some salmon & steelhead flies. A few questions is that a good price? What to look for when buying them? A few had split nails, I think that is probably the very end of the feather. Am I right. Thanks for the replys.
  7. Kevin Hodspadar uses 14,lb. Test fireline for his go to intruder fly for lake Erie Steelhead. It is about $20 for a spool. I was wondering if there is something cheaper I could use?
  8. It is called yarn bee gilt eyelash. I am pretty sure I saw root beer will check to make sure. I plan on sharing with my fly fishing buddy. I told him this morning at Bible study I had something for him but he would have to wait till I get my presents. Will see him next Thursday morning
  9. My birthday is coming up in a few days. My adult children ask me what I wanted as a gift. I was at hobby lobby craft store just looking around for material I could use for fly riding. In the yarn section I found material that looked exactly like estaz. It comes in various colors, and a skein just like yarn. I bought the skein for $4.44 with tax and a 40% off coupon. The kids got me purple & key lime green. I will go back & get more colors. I should have a life time supply. A lot cheaper than a fly shop
  10. Just started making my own shanks out of 19gauge annealed wire. The first few look a little rough but I am sure they will get better. I haven't tried them yet, will try some on tube flies in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing this idea, the bead pliers make it more easy.
  11. Suggestions needed currently using 16lb. steelhead leader & 10lb. Fluorocarbon line as tippet material. Fish sometimes break my tippet & in fast water they always seem to get unhooked. Also everyone seems to being catching fish & I have a herd time getting them to take my fly. Advice appreciated as to what I may be doing wrong
  12. Has anyone have suggestions on making a wading staff. I have one now that I use made out of maple. It is quite heavy to lug around & I have a wrist strap attached to it. I set it on the stream bank, so I have both hands free.
  13. My dual purpose fly tying & reloading bench located in my basement. Better half didn't like hair & feathers in the kitchen. This is my man space
  14. This is my dual purpose fly tying and reloading bench.
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