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  1. Thanks to all for your responses. I am passing them along! Will make some of the contacts recommended... and very well may be back in touc with you guys!! Please keep the feedback coming! All great stuff! Thanks!! ~ Ken
  2. Hello All ~ Friend of ours teaches at a local elementary school, and is considering doing an after school program teaching the kids to tie flies! We are on the Chesapeake Bay.... so what a great thing for them! Thought someone might have an idea of how he might get started and where we might be able to find some vices, supplies, etc... Any thoughts or suggestions would be terrific!! Many Thanks! Ken
  3. I assume the same applies to feathers?? THANKS!
  4. Great news guys! :yahoo: Thanks much! Had quite a bit of success on the Bonaventure a couple of weeks ago! While up there struck up a conversation with one of the guides about dry flies.... his bombers were MUCH lighter than mine and landed MUCH softer on the water. He said the biggest difference is that he ties all of his with Caribou! The difference is really amazing! Thanks for the lead, and I'll post a few when I've tied them... already started getting ready for NEXT august!! Tight Lines! ~ Ken
  5. Hello All - I am looking for a source for dyed caribou hair. I can find it natural, but does anyone know of a vendor that sells it already dyed? many thanks!!
  6. nice job! I like how delicate the first one is! :headbang: question - what kind of camera are you using? I would like to post some pics, but can't get good ones. :dunno:
  7. Haven't had luck finding the answers to these questions... so here goes... In which forum would it be the most appropriate for me to post non-classic Atlantic Salmon fishing flies for comments from other members? Once I have a pattern that I would like to share with everyone and put into the pattern database, does that need to be cleared through a moderator or do I just enter it myself and fill out all of the info? Not meaning to make things hard... just don't want to be "the newbie mucking with the system..." THANKS!!
  8. WOW! Great photo of a beautiful hen!! Thank you for the report. It's interesting that you took that fish on a muddler minnow... I was planning to tie some red-butts and green-butts with black muddler-type heads... now I'm convinced!!
  9. great info! thanks ya'll... I'll give it a try tonight....
  10. Has anyone had experience tying with and fishing with flies with Quick Descent dubbing? It's the aluminum stuff? It looks pretty good to me, but is NOT easy to dub (at least not for me... ) and since I haven't actually fished a fly with it, I thought I'd ask before I delve deeper.... thoughts??
  11. Thanks Fish ~ Took a look at saumonquebec... looks like the numbers are down as you say... we were planning on the cascapedias and the bonaventure, but may look into exploring a bit! I'll make sure to give a report when I get back! TB - Thanks for the fly list.... I'm familiar with all but the Labatt Blue... at least the fly version... can anyone enlighten me? I've tried to find one and can not...
  12. Thanks for the info everyone! I had heard about the "green" comment and have tied a few Picasse variants with green instead of yellow underwings. Once I get the camera acting right I'll take a few shots. Can't say enough about this site. It truly is the best I've seen!! :cheers: By the way - has anyone worked with the Quick Descent dubbing - the aluminum stuff?
  13. Hello All - Am headed to GASPE in five weeks and am tying furiously. Any suggestions on patterns or early river reports for this year? Thanks! ~Ken
  14. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! Tuna and Caddis ~ I'll take a look at bookfinder later today. My son has just started shooting (he's going to be 9 soon) and he's hot for me to tie flies with the birds and animals that he gets so that book wil be terrific! I've recently discovered this site and am VERY encouraged by the supportive feedback and helpfulness of the members, to other members of all ability levels! This site rocks!! :headbang: Thanks again and I'll try to post a shot of a groundhog fly when the time comes!! ~k1
  15. Thanks for the info! Am off to do the skinning now. Any thoughts on using salt or some other curing agent?
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