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  1. I have Simms with studs and and where I am it's basically all shale rock and it gets very slippery but with the studs I can go basically anywhere without slipping.
  2. I didn't see anywhere for gear talk so I figured might as well put it here. I don't want to plug one company because there are plenty of good products out there. I just wanted to give a quick review on my Kast Steelhead gloves. First off my hands and feet get ridiculously cold while in the creeks after the temps start turning towards winter. I cured my feet issues by wearing socks that are 80% Meril (I think thats how you spell it) wool and a Simms liner sock, my hands were a different story. I have tried everything from wool glomits to neoprene and neither of those worked very well. When I got back into fishing last fall I had worked out a deal with a local fly shop for new equipment and the gloves he gave me were Simms finger-less and while they were warm, the last 3rd of my fingers were freezing! He started selling Kast gear and after reading several reviews I decided it was time to give them a try. I will say the price is a bit steep but I was fortunate that he had a 40% off sale going on. I've had them out a handful of times in typical 20-30 degree air temps and very cold waters and I am very happy with them. They are truly 100% waterproof and after soaking them a few times my hands/fingers were cool but not cold. They are very comfortable and they seem to be cut a certain way that's very user friendly. You can easily strip a line and cast, kind of hard to tie new flies on but maybe after a good break-in period they might. All in all just wanted to give props for a great glove.
  3. I was reading through a bunch of older posts and thought this was a good idea because in my short tying career I've already created quite the materials stash. A local fly shop is going out of business and everything has been on sale at least 35% off and needless to say, every time I go in there I come out with a bag of stuff. Spools of thread and body wrap, Uni wire etc. are only around 1.50 so why not right. I'm not going to spend the time on an actual inventory but hoping to get a tying desk soon and at least get everything into some type of organized system. I did tell myself that I will only be tying trout/Steelhead flys, otherwise I'd be either broke or divorced.
  4. As far as the shop goes He had a 40% off sale and he said whatever he doesn't sell he's either keeping or going to put it on ebay. It was a nice shop and he carried nice gear but the actual materials were kind of limited I always thought and all the good stuff was gone the first hour of his sale. I was hoping to pick up an extra pair of Simms boots but those were gone in minutes I guess and waiting to see if a Simms chest pack goes on sale further. Just stinks, those guys were the go-to place for info and they had a free fly tying class every week. We use a lot of egg and nymph patterns around here so everyone's usually getting hung up on the bottom.
  5. I just started tying a bunch of these for opening day here in PA. Im new to tying but Ive tied a bunch of these and like someone said, I found it easier to pull the wire towards the back as Im wrapping forward. I actually tied a few where I didn't taper the body at all, I covered the lead wrap with thread, made a thread base to the bend, tied everything in and they look better than the ones with a taper.
  6. I'm sure you have your opinion by now but here's my .02 cents for what it's worth. I have a bunch of boxes in different sizes and configurations. I recently bought a Redington double sided clear box (med. size) with just a bunch of small straight slits and out of all my boxes I like that one the best. Best of all it's water tight and probably floats and it was 15 bucks! It's tons better than my Orvis boxes I have.
  7. Hello everyone, just thought I'd start off in here with a friendly hello. I just got back into fly fishing last fall and also started tying because I got sick of paying 2.50 for flies I kept loosing and I've become very involved, I've filled up a rather large Plano tackle box with materials and looking to dedicate a small area in my down stairs family room outfitted with tying desk etc. I'm hoping to gain some good advice in here because the local fly shop I deal with is going out of business. I've started off tying egg patterns, streamer's and working my way up to smaller more difficult patterns. Tight lines!
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