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  1. Thanks for the review! I have one of the grade 3 cape/saddle sets, bought it at the fly tying symposium in Somerset. Really happy with it. They're very nice people, answer questions and all that. More than I can say for some other company I won't mention the name of that I thought was needlessly curt. I'm a fan of Collins Hackle Farm. What percentage would you say the commercial necks are in the size 14-12 range?
  2. Well, I've sent four emails to David, with my last one warning that if I don't receive a response that I will be forced to open a complaint with PayPal. It's been a month and three days since I've placed my order so I just opened a complaint with PayPal against the Feather Emporium. I've purchased from him before with no problems, so I don't know why he has been avoiding answering my emails and not sending my purchase. I am disappointed by this transaction.
  3. Did he ask you to pay extra for shipping? Or was the shipping free?
  4. So has anyone purchased from Feather Emporium lately? I've purchased from him twice before and received my product. But the lack of communication from him is disturbing. Two weeks ago I purchased an item I'd been on the fence about. The first time I put the item in the shopping cart it charged me an extra $1.75. I emailed FE about that and he responded that the shopping cart does that sometimes and that he'd refund it. Several months passed and I finally got around to making the purchase. After all those months have passed his cart still contained the error but I proceeded since I had an assurance of a refund. I added a note to that effect in the Notes section of the PayPal payment. A few days later I received a bill for an additional $2.60, with a note that it is for USPS First Class for orders under $25. What's extra strange (in addition to the assurance the $1.75 overcharge would be refunded) is that his site clearly says that all domestic orders are free shipping, regardless of order size. So... I emailed him twice about that extra charge but no response. I'm not posting this to complain but to find out if anyone else is being charged for shipping and if anyone else has had a successful transaction.
  5. Hi Scott, That looks really nice. I'm going to have to pick up some 1mm foam. Thanks for posting that. Roger
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