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  1. Thanks everyone for the very helpful tips in dealing with this issue. What a pain in the rear. Lesson learned. I really like the microwaving thing. I kind of makes me feel like I am getting revenge on those pesky critters. Dan
  2. I have not been able to tie for a while and I started going through my inventory and noticed that some sort of critter/bug has been eating my flies and feathers. I am thinking maybe moth balls, freezing my materials or fumigating my area???? When I look through my materials I am finding what looks like casing which are white in color and what also looks like almost like a gritty dirt type substance. I could use some suggestions on this one. Thanks Dan
  3. I recently posted my boat on The Steelhead Site trying to sell it. I received an email from a gentleman saying he wanted to buy the boat and would send instructions later. He got back to me saying he was going to send a money order and instructed me to "cash the checks at my bank" and I was to keep the payment for the boat and to "Western Union" the rest for his shipper to pick the boat up. I waited for nearly two weeks to receive the money from him and I finally sold it to someone else. The money was supposively on the way so he wanted me to get back to him when I received the money orders. They came in the mail yesterday and he sent me instructions on what to do. For my efforts I was to "cash them at my bank" and take $500 for me and split the rest between two other gentleman in the Netherlands. Something seemed very fishy about this so I took them to the post office and they said they were fake and I was being scammed. Thank goodness I sold the boat to the other gentleman because if I would have cashed the checks I would have lost my boat and had to repay the $9000 for the faulty checks for a total of $13000. I just want everyone out there to be very careful and do some research before they become a victim. The post office said that it is a pretty big scam going on here in Michigan. The money orders had the US Postal Service Money logo printed on the top with the amount printed on the top right hand corner and the "real" ones do not print the amount in the corner. BE CAREFUL. Dripster
  4. WC- I just picked up some new stuff from Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company and it's call "UV Polar Ice Chenelle". It has fibers that are 1" long fibers and a the rope is clear and is awesome. I was shown some new streamer patterns that he was using white, pearl and a multicolor red and blue. I wish my kids did not break my camera or I would take a picture of the stuff for better understanding. Brent are you going to the show at Macomb CC? If so I will bring a couple of the flies. Hope this helps. Dan
  5. Shoe- I sent mine out today. Dripster
  6. I am not trying to be "pretentious"when I brought up this topic. I think some people are getting caried away with it. I name my flies after me because I made them. I would never steal someones fly and put my name on it. I am in no way shape or form in the same league as Clouser and the rest of the worlds great tyers and don't claim to be. I give my flies "quirky" names and I was just wondering if others did it too. Dripster
  7. I have a question for you other tyers. Do you name your flies. I seem to always give my flies some quirky name like the woolybuggers for Shoe's swap I named them "Dripster's Widowbugger". I must be weird. I name some others like too and I was wondering if others do it to. Happy name calling. Dripster
  8. Shoe- I need an address to send the "Dripster's Widowbugger". Cause it's a killer. Drip
  9. Great looking fly!!!! I remember when I wanted to get into fly tying and I only wanted to tie a couple of different flies. Well, 7 years and $2000 later I am a fly tying addict. It will bite you too so be careful. All of a sudden BAMMMMM it strikes with an undescribable force. You can not seek counseling becuase they do not understand you can only talk with others that have been bitten too. Your wife, if married, will be no help. Your parents will not be useful. You might loose a few friends. But you will enjoy, with frustration, every fly you tie and catch a fish with it. This board is full of helpful people, WHO UNDERSTAND, and will not hesitate to answer any questions you might have. Keep tying Dripster
  10. Hey Shoe- From everyone I have talked to they have been doing really well. I just moved and live only 20 minutes from Croton and its killing me. I have been looking at the weather and with it being in the mid to lower 30's this week I think I have to say $%%^# it and go. I guess I will just do some more tying and get your swap done. I am always looking for someone to fish with so keep that in mind. BOOOO HOOOO HOOO to the winter blues. Dan
  11. I will have mine done by days end tomorrow. I would not cut it as a production tyer. 5 or 6 and take a break. Break over time to get to work. Dan
  12. PCR- I was just tying for the bugger swap and was thinking the same thing. I have a hard time sitting down and tying a dozen flies in one sitting. I usually will tie 5 or 6 and take a break. I could never production tie. The weather here in Michigan has been cold for the past 3 weeks and I want to take the drift boat out and do some winter steelhead fishing in a BAD way. Take care Dan
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