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  1. My son was really impressed that you taught your granddaughter to tie flies at 10, "that's way cool" is exactly what he said. He was quite pleased that all of you took time out to give him pointers and suggestions. Thanks again, Steve
  2. Thanks everyone for your contributions. I cant wait to show him your suggestions.
  3. My 12 year old son has started tying his own flies and is keen to learn/tye more. So far he has tyed woolybugger, AP nymph and a type of midge. Any suggestions for flies he should learn to improve his overall skills wold be grealty appreciated. I have him working on thread control but there is only so much of that he can take before school starts. I'm taking him fishing this fall in the Ozarks and hopefully the flies he ties he will catch trout on.
  4. Thanks for the input. When this project goes forward I hope to have decent pictures to post. I just need to find more time. HEAVY
  5. Appreciate this topic as I was going to try dyeing some of the deer hide I have cut down to manageable sizes. No matter what you do you are bound to loose some of the hair. I washed it in the backyard with dish soap & warm water and lost some of the hair. I have at least 3 hides to experiment with after I learn more about mordants. Thank you for starting this thread.
  6. Hello, I was curious if anyone has made themselves a fly tying desk making the table top out of granite, marble or stone. I have found a few Web sites that sell vise pedestal bases made of granite, but I was thinking of going big and having the entire top out of granite. I already have several pieces all close to 4 ft long by approx 2 ft wide that I can use. I just wonder if this has already been done and if it is worth it. SOFTAILCLASSIC04 AKA-HEAVY D
  7. I was stationed in Germany from July 1981 to Aug 1994. Caught a bunch of big brown trout and grayling before moving to England. Hope to move back to Germany in 6 yrs, the fly fishing was wunderbar.
  8. I ordered the Dyna King Barracuda Ultimate Indexer for an early birthday present,this year before the prices went up. I had been tying on a vise I bought when I used to work at Gander MTN back in 1978, but after dragging it around thru Germany, England and back to the USA, I realised I need a vise that will hold the hook without me torquing on the cam. I am really looking forward to tying with the Dyna King. Also plan on building a bench for fly tying, reloading and putting arrows together. Which brings up another side of this topic, pedestal or C clamp. Anyone have a preference?
  9. That looks great,hope the most picky fish like it as much.
  10. They are the feathers that circle back on it'so center, at the rear on a mallard. Happy truck hunting.
  11. I like your vise, it's a Barracuda Ultimate Indexer correct? I just rcv'd mine in the box, how do you like it and do you have any suggestions? SoftailClassic04
  12. It is fantastic, did you turn the legs as well? SOFTAILCLASSIC04
  13. Where did you get your vise pedestal? SoftailClassic04
  14. I see you have been in Germany as well, your spaten beerstein is on your bench. I have fly fished several rivers there and have taken many brown trout. SoftailClassic04
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