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  1. In all honesty, if they're releasing more than one generators worth of water, you HAVE to have a boat, it can be super dangerous. I frequent the Clinch quite a bit but due to all of the rain we've received in the past week, you may be hurting for fly fishing. I plan on waiting until midweek before i head back into the mountains. I'd suggest trying Cherokee National forest or the Smokies. Try some higher places where the water has had a little bit of a chance to run off. JMO
  2. Considering I just received my grandfather's HUGE selection of fly tying materials, vices, etc.... all natural dubbing! Why spend the money if it isn't necessary!
  3. Hey, I've been living here in Knoxville for about ten years and have fished the smokies all ten of them. Your best bet during the summer is to try anything with yellow. Yellow foam caddis (called a neversink caddis down here) will usually work 90% of the time. Greenie weenies, which imitate an inchworm, work real well as a nymph. When the water is low and the mountains are hot, terrestrials, like black ants work too. The hatches at night consist of sulphurs and yellow sally stoneflies, so again, a dry with yellow is highly recommended. Really, fishing in the Smokies, due to so much stress, is extremely difficult for the beginner. You really HAVE to have good drift, presentation, and LOW profile. Trust me, this makes the world of difference. Pocket water fishing is the most productive. Good luck!
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