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  1. He didn't even catch that fish he is holding. He has a group of people that follow him around, one to tie on his fly, another to cast his line, another to drift and set the hook and another to reel in the fish. He does hold the fish and pose. He has the life. That is why he looks so clean. tongue.gif

  2. When I was there on Sun. it had flow, but the flows have changed quite a bit. I was able to hook fish and land them in some faster moving water. I was surprised to see how much it has changed. Maybe I will try to get up there early on sat. and fish the morning half of the day. I have to check with the wife to see what time the parade is for my daughter. Good to hear you are back on your feet.

  3. Boy has it been a long ass time since I have visited. I guess having a kid takes more time than I originally thought. It is good to see some familar names and see some posts talking about fishing, especially steelhead fishing.


    I was up last weekend. Fished Conneaut for the first time and headed to Elk. It rained all morning and half of the time in the afternoon. There are some huge and I mean huge fish in Conneaut and Elk was holding some as well. I believe that got rain again today - I believe more fish entered the streams. I had orginally planned to take a trip on Tue., but I have to try to get up to see you guys. If I come Sat., it will only be for part of the day (Halloween parade for my daughter sat. ) or I might come up Sun. What time are you guys leaving on sun?


    Again, it is good to be back and hopefully talk to you guys soon.

  4. I hope to make it back with pics and stories. My friend said he would give me a good bug repellent. He said it has a honey base. Then he asked me what I would do with my sage rods if I did not make it back. Nice guy he is. I leave tonight and will see you guys soon.

  5. Have fun and enjoy. Nothing beats the anticipation for a big trip. I am headed out west for 16 days of fishing and I am going crazy. I am leaving Tue. morning. I am hoping that we both enjoy our trips. We are lucky!

  6. I turned out to be a lab as well. I have had a lab/greyhound mix (mutt if you like) for almost 10 yrs. now. He is the best and good dog.


    Fatman, good job on helping out that dog - good for you clapping.gif


    Karin and Nick, I know you should go and get the dog. Or, you could inquire about some services that certain people do for a price. wink.gif

  7. Greedyfly, I have fished both of those streams and they are nice. I fish both of them once or twice a year. I like falling springs better. Maybe I will see you up there some time. Keep me posted. I usually get there near the end of June. Yearly trip out that way.

  8. Thanks guys and boy does it feel good to be back. I didn't realize all the fun I was missing until I started reading and responding to the posts. Sure is good to be back and thanks for the warm responses.


    Hee, hee, I'm back thumbup.gif

  9. I agree with the steelhead guys. I do use it steelhead fishing and it does make a difference. It is a bit high in cost, but if you have deep pockets (having money) then it is ok to buy whatever you want/need. I usually don't use it when warmwater fishing.

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