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  1. I have a St. croix 4 wt. and 5 wt. which I use for nymphing and occassionally smallies (like that smallie hunter?). They are not bad for hurting the pocketbook. I know this probably isn't the way to go or how to fish, but I have a sage xp 3wt. and I use it more than the other two, but the price is alot more. Depends on how much you want to spend. The length of my sage is 8'6 and again I love fishing with it, nymphs, dries and even streamers (just too lazy to get the bigger rod out of the truck). Good luck
  2. I used a vest for fishing for my first 20+ yrs. of fishing and it kept getting more and more gear in it. I would have to have my wife stand on a ladder and guide the crane we used to lift it onto and over my shoulders. Now I have a waist pack and I love it. I have used it for the last 3 yrs. and wonder how I fished without it before. It is made by JW outfitters. It is okay in holding fly boxes and other items. I also have a Downs Fly Box which I just got. Many of my friends have them, so I decided to get one and try it. It will hold tons of flies and it has interchangeable compartments (nymphs, streamers, dries, etc.). This can also be worn with my waist pack. I am going to try it this spring. Hope all this info. helps both of you shopping ladies
  3. That is why I fish for them from Sept. to April. The spring run, guys start fishing other species, trout on the delayed harvest areas and you have fish that don't look as pretty and the meat hunters don't like to fish and keep those ones (nothing personal to the meat hunters). You should have plenty of room to fish and enjoy the day. One day I was up there and saw one other guy all day and I must landed (fair hooked) at least 15 - 20 fish. It was super cause I just walked the stream and fish every pool and run.
  4. Breathables do fit generously, especially if using them in the spring with warmer temps and not much layering underneath. Prices can range from $100 to about $400 and some change. Good luck. I believe it depends on how much you plan on using them. I fish with them throughout the four seasons (mainly fall, winter, spring), but being a member of some other fishing clubs, I also help do stream cleanups and I float stock 3 different streams. I use my breathables alot, so I paid a bit more for a better pair. I used to buy hodgeman's; a cheap pair and it was happening every year I was ordering a new pair. Got tired of it and broke down and bought a pair of simm's. I just got them less than a year ago and so far, I love them. Hope this helps and let me know what kind you get. Good luck
  5. The nice thing about fishing in the spring for those steelies is I don't see as many people as I do in the fall. I even encounter more guys in the winter season than I do in the spring. Plus, some guys go over to those ohio streams, since they have better spring runs than the pa streams, but that is okay with me. More fish for me!!!!!
  6. Welcome JM. You will absolutely love this site and the fellow fly fisherpeople on here. I also teach and work with teaching kids fly fishing. I did fish once out in Idaho and I believe I will be making a trip back out there this year. If you love fly fishing like you say, you found a new home here. Enjoy the fun and keep those reels screamin' OSD, sweeeeet pic, could you train my dog to bring me a beer from the fridge?
  7. Welcome to both of the newbies (although, I don't know if I can call anyone a newbie since my stay has only been a few days). This site is great and all the shit-talkers on here will keep you interested and having fun. Sorry about the bad word, come to think of it, I don't think I have seen any. Please disregard that and I will watch my use of words. It does make life a lot simpler when the little lady doesn't mind getting her feet wet as well. Welcome again.
  8. I would agree and say go with the breathables. I have not touched my neos in three or four years. Wear some long-johns and some fleece and you should be good to go. Anyone hear of Family Tyes? It is a group of adults and older students who mentor new people (students and adults) into the art of fly fishing. They have a rod building class, fly tying class and take some incredible fishing trips. I am lucky to be one of the mentors with this club. Check out there website if you want: www.familytyes.com
  9. Bryanfly15

    Streamside GLX

    I also have an XP and I truly love it. It does me fine for nymphing and the dry fly action is great. I am truly impressed with it. How come no one is talking about good old eagle claw fly rods or Courtland fly rods?
  10. Another way to get big browns are to fish private streams. I had access to fish a private stream and hooked into a 22.5 incher, knowing there are bigger ones out there. That may not be big to some of yinz, but for me, that is a high mark. If you find those big browns, let me know.
  11. Steelie Junkie, just quickly took a look at your site and it looks good. I added it to my fav. list and will be back there checking it out.
  12. Welcome Steelie Junkie, from one steelhead freak to another. I recently joined this site and I love it. Great guys, stories and conversation. I live N.E. of the burgh and travel to erie quite often. I keeping hearing about the ohio streams and there spring runs. If you are ever hitting pa look for me on Elk, 99% of the time that is where I am at. I have covered many miles on that stream, trying to stay away from the crazies. Welcome again.
  13. I have a special tied fly for those river carp. They like to eat the mulberries that fall from the trees to the water and float down stream. Throw some yarn on a hook and boo-ya, hold on and get ready.
  14. Shoe, hate to be a pest, but I noticed you wrote Baldwin steelhead outing. I teach at Baldwin High School in Pittsburgh or is this a different Baldwin. I help out with a fly fishing club they have there called "Family Tyes" Familiar with it? I also steelhead fish up Erie enough since I am only 2 hrs. drive and my mother in law lives in erie (so I stay there from time to time). That is if you are talking steelhead fishing in Erie. Give me some more details and if you are talking erie, I may drive up and fish for a day or two (staying at m-i-l's house).
  15. I am actually lucky that I tie with some guys from one of my trout clubs every monday night. We joined some little beer drinking social club and meet there to tie and drink beer or should I say drink beer and tie. This has been the best my box has been stocked. My barrels are stocked and loaded.
  16. Hey fishinlk, if you fish pa streams, let me know. As for my goals: Get back to my 16 day summer trip that will include Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Yellowstone park. I was fortunate enough to to it 4 yrs. ago (first time out there and loved it). Over the last three summers I had two summers of graduate school and last summer a baby daughter. This year my goal is to get back out there. Great time fly fishing. Did hook a 20 incher cutty and I want to meet him again. Other goal, get my wife back on the waters with me.
  17. If your buddy was from Mckeesport and you haven't heard from him in quite some time, I can see why. That place is not the safest place. Hopefully you will run into him sometime.
  18. I do fish the yough and neshanny. Never fished Oil, would like to. You guys sure give me a good laugh or two. I must say you guys are missing the best fish of all, good ol' Allegheny River Carp. Nothing beats those guys. Let's keep the good times rollin'
  19. I would love to go to Alaska, but I have seen a few fly fishing shows filmed in New Zealand. I actually looked into it (briefly) and it will cost. Maybe sometime when I am retired and can afford it. N. Z. looked beautiful and the fishing looked awesome. Dream Trip someday.
  20. I actually don't know for sure how many days I get out on the water. I am lucky to be involved in several fishing clubs which allows me to get in extra trips and meet other guys. I fish for steelhead pretty hard in the fall thru spring, then I turn to trout and smallies from spring to the fall. Luckily I am a teacher, (reason for becoming a teacher - summers and weekends OFF and of course to teach children). My summers allow me to get out and about and my wife thinks it is great that I have a hobby like this. Sometimes she goes with me. We just had our first child this past summer, so my days will be cut down a bit, but I will take her out with me. Her name is Madison, do I love fishing?
  21. Hey there jfink, sounds as though we both enjoy this site. I am new to it as well, although it appears you are more familar with it than I am. Welcome, if I can say that even know it is only my second day. Enjoy the conversation and info.
  22. Smalliehunter, I love that idea. It did get under my skin, but as I stated before, I have bait fished for 20 something years and still do it, for smallies. I guess from your title that you love those smallies. They are one of my top species to fish for. Thanks for letting me know about the posts and trust me, I will post more and continue to have fun with the site.
  23. I have a question for anyone who may be able to help. I see that there is a label of baitfisherman by my name. I don't think that there is anything wrong with that, hell, I've been doing it for about 22 yrs. of my life. Is there a way to change that? I have noticed others having dfferent "titles or sayings" and I would like to change mine if possible. I am still exploring the site and trying to learn as I go. I am not a computer whiz, but know enough to enjoy it most of the time.
  24. The white-buggers don't see too much of Buffalo for me. The trees there are always biting better and very hungrier than the fish. I like to fish the buffalo dhalo section. I am from the NE part of the burgh. Anyone else from these parts of the woods? I am enjoying the site already and thanks to all for the welcomes. Keep those reels screamin'. The burgh boy is ready to fish!
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