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  1. I noticed you fellows mentioned Erie (steelhead) and Buffalo Creek (near Kittaning). I fish both Elk Creek and Buffalo Creek very much. I am two hrs. from Erie (mother-in-law lives there) and I live about 30 min. from Buffalo Creek. I fish Buffalo (mainly the DHALO sec) and I help stock it, being a member or Arrowhead TU. I am also a member of PA Steelhead Assoc. and I love to fish for those silver bullets. I do get up there often, except for recently. My wife and I had our first child, baby girl in July. We named her Madison. Can you tell I love to fish? If you need ANY info. about either, please contact me.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I am looking forward to the continued conversation and new ideas. I am fairly new to fly fishing and I continue to learn, read and communicate with others. Looking forward to more knowledge and info.
  3. I just want to say hello to you guys; although being from the Pittsburgh area, I should say hello to yinz. I have been searching around the site and reading some of the posts and I like what I have seen and have been reading. Thought that I would register and check out the site more often. I have been reading about having cabin fever and I am hurting currently. I have been tying flies, watching fly fishing shows and reading my magazines. These have been holding me over, but they are starting to run thin. I do see the temps. this upcoming week will be in the low 40's so I am going to maybe get out and try my luck somewhere. Again hello to all and keep the reels screamin'
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