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  1. Send them back. If money allows, buy a cheap pair to get by during the few weeks without them. Or, buy a different brand. I have a pair of Simms, second season and no problems (I am keeping my fingers crossed).
  2. Bryanfly15


    I like the tapered leaders as well. Try out a few and go with what you like. Good luck.
  3. Hey Smalliehunter, ever see the movie "Wrong Turn"? I just watched it last week on DVD. Check it out before heading to WVa. I also went to school down at WVU for two years, interesting place.
  4. TT, where at on Buffalo are you going to be? I might be up that way with a friend or two. JJ, have fun with the Straub, not bad stuff. Good luck to all you PA guys starting off this weekend
  5. Welcome to the site Dale and keep chasin' those silver bullets. Don't let D. Waterflogger fool you, I am still learning the game. He likes to pick on me Enjoy the site. Hey Smalliehunter, the last I checked 32.9% rounds to 33% (good thing I am a math teacher to check those numbers). Hey Waterflogger, I think I know who you are now. When are we tying again or fishing Buffalo? I can't believe it took me this long to find out who you are, but I think I did.
  6. 2 great nymph patterns. Gotta have them or go home. Hope you enjoy and learn from this site as much as I have and continue to do.
  7. Bryanfly15


    Love to see the Burghers getting in with the site. Welcome from one Burgh boy to another. I live in New Kensington, but work/teach at Baldwin High School. I work with the Family Tyes group, ever hear of them? Hope to fish with you sometime. JJ, the Yough sounds Grrrrreeeeeeaaaaattttt, count me in
  8. Welcome Crazynymph, you will have a blast with the guys and gals of this site. You might be a bit young for some of the gals, but you can still tie and fish with anyone you want. I am assuming you like nymph fishing and/or tying. Which one is your favorite?
  9. Welcome aboard sailor, I hope your time here is as enjoyable as mine. Have you ever fished any PA streams?
  10. Welcome Brian, I hope you do get a chance to hit the Erie steelhead, it is great. I am a Bryan as well, but you can see how I spell it, the only way to spell it Glad to have you aboard, I am on the other side of the state "Da Burgh".
  11. Welcome Fishski, hope you enjoy your new home.
  12. Pujic, I will fish with you anyday. I enjoyed the time together. I am getting jealous and upset I thought that since we are such good buddies ( ) that you would have shown me a pic. of your goddess by now. I guess I will have to wait until the next Erie outing. I will be counting the minutes I will catch a steelhead for each and everyone of the guys who were up there this past weekend when I hit them on Sat. and Sun. and Mon. So that means 1 for Will, 1 for Chris, 1 for Kevin, 1 for Paul and I would have to say 2 for Pujic. That means I will have to catch at least 12. Good thing I teach high school math or I would not have been able to add those up. I will keep you guys in my thoughts as I reel them in
  13. Thanks D-WF, I knew I could count on you to give me some razzin. When and where did you see me fish ? Was it when I was on that fly fishing show on espn 2 about 5 weeks ago? Have we fished together? I still don't know you or do I or are you bustin' my fellas?
  14. Thanks luvinbluegills, I would fish with you anyday, time and place. I would even let you have some of my flies that I tie (I must warn you they are ugly, but work from time to time).
  15. I must say that when I first saw Pujic, I thought someone had lost their little boy. I thought what is this kid doing here, but this kid could hold his own. I only got to fish with him a bit, but I was impressed. Mcfly, I did catch bigger fish, but I was not around those guys and I didn't want to brag about them or steal Pujic's spotlight Pujic, I will see you again up there. My feelings were hurt from a northern guy coming to one of my home streams and catching more fish than me, I can't let that happen again, so be ready next time my friend
  16. That's a scary pic. I don't know what I would do if I pulled something like that out. What if both fish were about 50 in. plus. Would they eat twice as much?
  17. Sorry so late, but happy birthday. I hope you were able to get out and fish
  18. Looks like you will be hunting those fish ever so carefully. Have fun doing it and take pics. Congrats.
  19. Those are some awesome pics. You are lucky to fish places like that. There are some guys that never travel to fish. Enjoy your trips and keep fishing.
  20. SOL, don't worry about practicing, hell, get out there and fish. The casting will come in time. Watch out fishing with BDH and Smalliehunter, those guys are tough
  21. Another Michigan guy, everybody must fish in that place. Does anyone else have a different hobby up there Welcome to the site and you will have a ton of fun here especially with the other wolverines on this site. Jump on in and don't be afraid to get your feet wet
  22. Welcome budd Get your gear ready for the season opener. Our season opens on the 17th (PA.). I am one of those guys out fishing, either hitting the delayed harvest sections of some local streams or chasing those silver bullets in the Erie tribs. Welcome and have fun with this site.
  23. Welcome to the site SOL. You will enjoy yourself and learn some neat stuff. What size line do you stand on?
  24. I have a Ross Cimarron for my 3wt. and I just bought a Ross Rhythm for my 5wt. and boy do I love them both. The Cimarron runs in your price range. Have fun shopping and let us know what you end up getting. Happy Hunting
  25. I also took 4 yrs. of high school spanish and two semesters in college, thinking it would look good on my resume. I never use it now and it didn't help me get my job, but oh well. I also speak fishinese
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