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  1. I am trying to get info. from those guys that will be steelhead fishing this weekend in Erie. I know Smalliehunter and BDH are heading up on Thurs. I am trying to get a cell phone number or any number where I can contact them. Is anyone going up on Friday? I may be going and would like to meet up with you guys and do some fishing. Please let me know any info. Thanks
  2. I do practice C&R and that's my thing. I am going out to fish and relax. I am not going out to try to break records or find some fame for catching a huge fish. I fish by myself alot so I take a camera with me. I just like to fish and relax so I hope this does not offend anyone. My fame would have come from within by releasing that fish for some 12 yr. old little boy or girl to have a chance to catch it at another time.
  3. Considering he is photoed at Poor Richards, chances are it might have come from Walnut (closet stream) or possibly Elk. Just my $.02 (if anyone cares). I do hear that Ohio has a better spring run than PA. I might be fishing Conneaut on Sun. with some PA friends. Any tips? I have never fished Ohio streams.
  4. I hope you guys have screamin' reels all weekend long
  5. You are going up next weekend (April 1 - 4) correct? To Erie correct?
  6. Welcome Johnnyquest (got to love the name. I haven' t seen that show in quite some time - Ever see it?). You will have fun with the crew here at this site. If you are thinking of getting into the world of fly fishing, this is the place to be. You can and will learn alot from this site and possibly hook up with someone near you to help you when you are on the waters. Welcome
  7. Bryanfly15

    Carrying on

    ..... the coast guard on lake erie. They know of a special/famous smallmouth that resides in the lake. Since Smalliehunter was so kind to the smallmouth species (worshiping them) this magical 18lb. smallmouth would bring him back to life, but first, BDH had to.....
  8. Welcome Walker, hope you found a little piece of heaven with finding this site. You sure will get your laughs and fishing knowledge. Now where can you go and find both of those?
  9. Welcome gptyer; you will have fun with this site and all the guys and gals involved with it. Now, go do some fishing and tell us about it.
  10. Bryanfly15

    Happy Birthday

    Just wanted to send my Happy B-day wishes as well. Have fun and do some fishing.
  11. Bryanfly15

    Carrying on

    I will look for Godzilla, he will save me and give me some good pick-up lines. He sees Godzilla with XXXXXXXXL waders on and he is fishing with ..........
  12. I use floro as well for steelhead (when the water is low and/or clear). Everybody has their own favorite knot, but I will add that to help avoid the "burn" or "squiggles", I usually spit on the area of my knot (helps lubricate). It seems to work for me. Good luck and I do believe in floro vs. tippet. Too dam bad the cost is not the same.
  13. 12 more in. of snow fell in Erie the other day. When will the madness stop?
  14. Erie got dumped on with 12 in. of snow the other night. It just won't stop snowing.
  15. Steeldrifter, keep up the good work. I am glad you made it past the first week and I am waiting to hear when the first month is past.
  16. Bryanfly15

    Shad Cam Pictures

    What type of fly would be good for those?
  17. Glad you could join us Dave. You have come to the right place to get and find info. The people involved with this site are grrreeaatttt. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
  18. Bryanfly15

    New guy

    Welcome JSG, I hope you have a blast with this crew. I know I sure am. I have a little one myself (first) and it is good to still be able to get out from time to time. My wife and your wife must be very understanding for our passion to fish. Fish on
  19. Welcome flyuser, I hope your time here is as grand as mine.
  20. Welcome mcfly, glad to see another pa boy on board. You must see all the fun these guys and gals have on this site. I have fished Neshanny but not the Rock. I did fish the Rock for bass in the summer time a while back with bait. Maybe I can meet you on Neshanny or you can show me some spots on the Rock. Jump in and have fun.
  21. Bryanfly15

    Another B-day

    Enjoy your day and get your butt out there for some fishing. Happy B-day.
  22. Bryanfly15

    We did it

    I also would like to add and send my congrats for a job well done. This is a kick ass site and I love it. It is like an addiction; I need to get my fix. Keep up the good work and humor. Glad I am part of it.
  23. I have a pair of Simms and I love them. I have only had them since last spring, but I use waders alot (I float stock several streams, I do stream cleanups and I fish with them for steelhead -cold weather layering underneath). I had a pair of Hodgemans and had to buy a new pair for three years in a row. Got tired of spending money yearly, so I spent more now hoping they will last. Hope this helps and have fun shopping.
  24. Smalliehunter, my mother-in-law lives in Erie, so I might stay with her. Or, I will just drive home after fishing (I am only 2 hrs. away and I drive up and back in the same day very often.). I hope to meet up with you guys. Keep me informed of where you guys will be and maybe we can meet and/or I can show you a few places. I fish Elk 99% of the time. Keep me posted.
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