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  1. Welcome aboard captain Ed. I believe you will have fun with the guys and gals involved with this site. Never been fly fishing in the salty waters, but it looks like fun. Hey steelie junkie, are you giving up on those silver bullets for the other silver bullets?
  2. How many days do I fish: I honestly don't know. I fish year round, whenever I can get out, I go. Do I keep fish: No, not now. When I first started, I kept put-n-take trout for my grandmother. I kept my first steelhead and tried it(felt that is what I should do since I kept it and I don't eat fish). I have released every steelhead since then; easily in the hundreds. Species: Trout, Steelhead, Smallmouth (mainly), but I still will fish for bluegills, catfish, largemouth, walleye, sauger. Don't eat fish. Barbless hooks, don't play them too long, I wet my hands if I need to touch the fish and I don't use a net. I take that extra minute if need be to help the fish get its bearrings back. I don't mind people who keep fish, but I do mind people who keep more fish than what they need (show-offs). Hope this helps.
  3. Just wanted to add my happy B-day wishes. Hopefully I'll see you in erie and give you some of my secrets
  4. Welcome to the site, you will enjoy it. I have learned alot and hopefully you will to. I have a few friends in the air force, but they are state side. Welcome again.
  5. Bull is definitely no Buffalo. If I don't have the time to drive up to Buffalo, I will hit Bull. Still not a bad little stream.
  6. Bryanfly15

    Neshannock Creek

    I believe you are not trying to start anything, but out of the many, many miles of stocked stream waters, there is a small % that is Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only. I do fish with bait in the open waters, but I like to fish these artificial lures only sections as well. Guys do use spinners and small crankbaits. That is fine by my standards, but I like the challenge of not using bait and seeing bait containers left lying around. Just my thoughts.
  7. I joined Trout Unlimited (Arrowhead chapter) which they stock Buffalo Creek. I also joined Tri-County Trout Club which they stock Deer Creek and Bull Creek. I was the president of TCTC, but I had my daughter this year and was a bit too much, so I resigned, but stayed on as a board member. Two nice little clubs.
  8. Bryanfly15

    Neshannock Creek

    LBG, where is this petition? I here the group Traditional Anglers is trying to do this. Get bait fishing permitted in the DHALO sections, but after I believe June 15. I am against this and so are two of my fishing clubs (TU and TCTC). So there are some nice ones in Neshanny I stocked Deer Creek, Bull Creek and will stock Buffalo on Sat.
  9. I just filled up today for a $1.69. Here in Pa. I have to travel a good distance to work everyday; meaning I have to fill up twice a week. I teach so I am looking forward to summer, no driving to work everyday saving some $$$$$
  10. Happy B-day and you better get your butt out there for some fishing.
  11. That is a nice picture, having two fish at once would be incredible. I can't say that has happened to me. I have had fish follow my caught fish in. I think Smalliehunter could at least get a couple out of there.
  12. Bryanfly15

    New set up

    I did start out with a 6wt. for steelhead (Erie tribs). It worked ok, but I liked to fish heavy structure (log jams). I also like using lighter tippet/floro. So needless to say, I would loose fish. I bought an 8wt. last year for those steelies and it sure does help me fight those fish and keep them out of the downed trees. I use my 6wt. for smallmouth now. Enjoy the new setup.
  13. I have a Ross and I love it. I am working on buying a second one for my 5wt. Have fun shopping.
  14. I am fortunate enough to have float stocked several trout streams. I truly enjoy it. I get to spread out the fish, see new parts of a stream, see how the stream has changed from the previous year, etc. I have been doing it for the last couple of years and just did my first of the year on Thurs. Had several nice brownies and one huge rainbow. Easily 20 +. I just wanted to hear if any of you folks do it or have done it and/or if you have any funny stories to go along with it. If you never have float stocked and have the opportunity, try it
  15. Thanks, right back at cha with your next outing
  16. Happy B-day, go out and enjoy some time on the water.
  17. Really nice job, the fly looks great
  18. Incredible what some people can do with materials. Great pics, thanks. I hope to only pray to be close to tying like that. I could probably tie for the rest of my life and never do anything like that.
  19. Very interesting and informative reading. I thank you folks for replying and hope that some of the responses will lead to trying some new things this up coming fishing season. I am going out tomorrow for some trout action. Wish me luck.
  20. I usually have extra clothes in case I do take a dip. Been fortunate, only one dip steelhead fishing. How? I had my wife with me and I was into a pod of fish. Her line was not rigged up, so I told her to come over to where I was and to fish my pod of fish. As I started to back out of the way, the big rock behind me did not move out of my way and my wonderful wife did not say anything like look out for that rock (as she stood right next to it). Needless to say, I went down and got my arm and shoulder wet with water in my waders. Cold as you know what. End of my day. Florocarbon works well for me in the spring and early fall.
  21. TT, I should be float stocking the DHALO section sometime soon. I believe this upcoming week (or next week possibly). I can't wait, love to fish it. Let me know for sure what day you will be there and I will try to run up and fish with you. I like to use nymphs, but streamers work well. I have caught some brownies in the evenings with dries. Hope to fish up there with you.
  22. Welcome aboard. I am sure you will enjoy the site as much as myself and the many others that frequent the site. Tons of info., tips and laughs. Jump in anytime.
  23. I caught my fair share of catfish back in the day and that one would have easily ate everyone of mine. It would have been like eating popcorn. That was a bigg cat. Thanks for the link.
  24. Happy Birthday and hope you have many more
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