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  1. Happy late B-day. Hope you have many more.
  2. Tough crowd, but it is quite entertaining.
  3. I started fly fishing about 5 yrs. ago and I started off with one fly. I started steelhead fishing with some guys and they were using a double fly combo. I have mentioned it once on this site, but I use a woolybugger and drop a sucker spawn or nymph. Once I started fishing like this about 3 yrs. ago, I started doing it when I fished for trout. I almost always fish a double nymph. When I fish dries, I only fish one (have tried two dries before and a dry and dropper). What do you guys and gals like to fish (one or two flies)? Do you notice a better catch rate with one or two or does it not matter?
  4. Love catching 20 incher trout and 30 incher steelhead. Although I do fly fish for smallmouth, love catching them. Check this out, I have caught some that are 5/6 in. Not all bass are big Although, as long as I can get my feet wet, I am happy. Steeldrifter, loved your post, I laughed out loud when reading it. Thanks for the laughs
  5. Welcome Scapegoat, I hope you enjoy your visits here at this wonderful site. Many tying tips and laughs to go along with them. You can learn alot from these guys. Have fun with it.
  6. Welcome aboard sailor or should I say fishing monster. Fishing four to five days a week makes me jealous. Being single, fishing that much and having the experience that you do makes me say if I were a lady, I'd want to marry you. You will find happiness with these people who hang out here at this site. D. Waterflogger, did we chat already? I am a member of Arrowhead TU and I just resigned as President of Tri County Trout Club (birth of first child), but I am stilll a board member. It seems as though we should know eachother or do we? Our paths should have crossed somewhere or somehow. Sorry if we did talk about this already, I am getting old and forget things from time to time.
  7. Welcome bugtyer, you have made your way home. Great site and great guys and gals. Wooo hoooo. You can hopefully pick up some pointers and leave some to. Jump on in anytime.
  8. Stroh's beer is good and tasty
  9. I do have a loomis rod and a sage rod and I personally like the sage rod better. Of course I paid more for the sage rod and they are different wt. rods. Just giving my opinion. I am adding to my collection and I am looking at another sage. Good luck.
  10. I personally fish from the "waterfall" hole/cascade falls up to the railroad tubes and from platz road up to and past the mckean hole. I usually use a wolly bugger and drop a sucker spawn from that. If the water is low and clear, I use nymphs with florocarbon. Love those silver bullets.
  11. I hear some good stuff about the smithton area, they still stock that pretty hard? Maybe you can give me some directions to some of your more favorable spots. I live in New Kensington (north east of pittsburgh). Thanks.
  12. Bryanfly15

    new waders

    I do fish alot. I also am involved with Pa's trout stocking program (I currently help stock 3 different streams throughout the year) and I also help do a stream cleanup; so needless to say I use my waders a ton. I had been using Hodgeman's but I was going thru them like candy. So I bucked up for a pair of Simms. I got them last spring and I love them. Hopefully it is a one time big cost. They have a lifetime warranty. Good luck in shopping.
  13. Bryanfly15

    Show your skill

    I must say I do look for places like this to fish and boy do I loose a ton of flies. But it can be worth it. I take chances and cast right up in there. I sometimes put on a garbage fly or two and test the drift and depth; if I snag and loose the fly, it doesn't matter as much. I would probably keep the fly near the top and/or swing the fly from the front of the hole to see if anything will come out of hiding.
  14. Welcome to the site mayfly, I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us yahoos. It will be interesting to get your perspective on tying and fishing from over there. Welcome and have fun with the crew.
  15. I got up around 4:30 am and drove to meet up with 3 friends. We got to near Erie, Elk creek about 7:30. The air temp. was around 20 deg. (Cold as hell). Started the day off slow, with ice/slush coming down the creek or covering some of the slow moving water holes. Picked up a few steelies, then had a truck lunch. We relocated and did some walking. Now the sun was up and the air had warmed and the fishing picked up. We were having fun hooking and trying to land those awesome fish. The 4 of us probably landed (fair hooked) about 4/5 fish a piece. Foul hooked several others. I was lucky enough to get one that was over 10 lbs. I had a blast with the weather being nice and being with friends and getting my feet and line wet and catching fish. Anybody fishing Elk, let me know when and where and I will try to see you there. If anyone has questions about Elk, let me know. I fish it often and I know it pretty well. Steelie fishing rules
  16. Happy birthday! Fished the Yough at what part? Erie fished well on sat. Landed several fish as did my 3 friends. We had a blast up there. Good luck.
  17. I would love to see some pics if you get the chance. Just reading what you guys are saying has me interested in seeing these flies. Have fun with it.
  18. Welcome aboard sailorwomen, you have a great place to get ideas and info. on tying. I have been tying for a couple of yrs. and I am still learning it and getting ideas and this site and the people here really helps. Glad you can join us and I like your name as well (month of opening trout season in PA.).
  19. Welcome aboard Mike, you have a great site here with great people to learn from and laught at/with. I agree with Jfink, get out and enjoy it while you can. I used to fish constantly, now with a job and family, that time gets cut down. Learn and fish now as much as you can, then later, you learn to perfect the art. Welcome and enjoy!
  20. Tying with a coldie is great. I tie on monday evenings with a group of guys I fish and of course tie with. We meet at this social club (membership is $12 for the yr. - cheap) and tie while throwing down a few coldies. We tie on monday nights cause of happy hour. I get $.50 drafts, saves me money so I can buy more materials. Have fun tying those unique and crazy looking flies.
  21. Bear Coat, I hear you loud and clear. I love this sport of fly fishing. I feel guilty walking past my spinning rods. I started steelhead fishing the year after I started fly fishing. So needless to say, I started out with much to learn and I am still learning the art of fly fishing for trout and steelhead. I have been fortunate to be a member of Tri-County Trout Club, Trout Unlimited, PA Steelhead Assoc. and last but not least Family Tyes. All these clubs and people I have met, have helped me tremendously and I am very grateful for that. Keep on fishin' little buddy
  22. Actually OSD, I have had it and was reading it. I intercepted your mailman and borrowed it to read. I just got done with it and gave it back to your mailman and asked him to deliver it to you. Glad to see it made it.
  23. Guys, guys, guys, those erie steelhead are in trouble. I am going up tomorrow with 3 of my finest steelhead hunters. We are going to give some sore lips, but they will all be returned as to fight another day. The 4 of us going never keep any, so Big Daddy, they will be waiting for you when you come to visit. I will be waiting as well to meet and fish. Luvinbluegills and JJ, Neshany sounds good. I don't know about sun, but I would like to meet both of you guys and hit it. Tell me when and I will try to be there. ELK CREEK, HERE I COME
  24. I am new to the sport and personalities of fly fishing, but I have met John Nagy, Karl Wexielmann and John Bodnar (Steelhead guys). I did recently meet Charlie Meck. I was most recently president on my local trout club and worked on getting him to come and speak to our club and do a book signing. It was nice to meet him. I had him sign a book to my daughter who was only 5 months old at the time. Someday she will know of him when she gets into fly fishing. I also meet John Randolph, editor/publisher of Fly Fisherman Magazine. He did a story on the Family Tyes group I am a part of and I had my pic. taken and was in the magazine with the story. Cool stuff.
  25. Welcome fellow Pa. guy. Where at in Pa. are you located? I am north east of Pittsburgh. New Kensington actually. I recently joined as well. Maybe we can meet streamside someday and you can show me a few tricks of the trade.
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