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  2. J. Johnson, I am a member of the TCTC (just resigned as president, but still sit on the board). Yes I try to tie at the slovak club, and I will be there tonight. I am sorry I don't remember you, but if you are there I might recognize the face AND I WILL BUY YOU A COLD BEVERAGE
  3. Welcome fellow steelhead freak. You will find your fair share of steelheaders on this wonderful site. There are others that are okay. You will enjoy this site and have fun at the same time. I am a steelhead freak who fishes the erie tribs (mainly elk). It's about time to make my way north again
  4. I am a steelhead freak myself and if you haven't tried it yet, make sure that is one thing you do (and hopefully soon). It is awesome baby!!!!!
  5. Hell yea, like me. I could be real famous. Maybe I am just using the name Bryanfly15 for the heck of it or I could just be some average joe-blow from outside the burgh area. Who thinks I am famous? Holla at me
  6. Hello there P.C. and yes the Allegheny is fishable. It has been for as long as I can remeber. I have been fishing it for the last 15 yrs, mainly north of the city. I am hearing that they are working on holding a BASS Masters tourny here soon; work in progress. But now I have put away the spinning rods and learning the fly fishing game. How is the weather out there? Probably nothing like back here.
  7. Bryanfly15


    I can say that you guys are hitting the nail on the head. There are so many good reasons to fly fish. I found truth in all of them. I love the fact that I am making a 3wt. rod, am tying my own flies and then go out there and catch a trout with them no matter how big the fish is. I love some of the trout streams I fish, peaceful, beautiful and the wildlife around. I 110% agree that when I am out there fly fishing, I forget about work, bills, anything else; 10 hrs. could go by and it would feel like 2 for me. And a final thought, I had been bait fishing for 20+ yrs. and wanted to try a new challenge. I felt that I had "mastered the art" and wanted something new and boy did I get it. I love fly fishing and will do it till I pass on to a greater place. Fly Fishing 4ever
  8. Hey steelie, I like that pattern and I think I will tie a few of those and give them a shot. Materials: marabou, chenille, hackle, beadhead/cone and flash is always nice to add. As for fishing the Erie tribs, I second the bugger. I usually tie on a bugger and drop (using florocarbon) a suckerspawn or egg. Colors I like are black, olive and white w/pink. Spawn colors white and pink. Good luck tying, it is fun to create your own flies, catch fish with them and save $$$$$. Then you can start altering the patterns to try different things.
  9. Don't go an do anything that I wouldn't do. Have fun and do what you gotta do!
  10. Hey luvinbluegills, where at in the burgh area are you? I am in New Kensingto. Holla back at me
  11. Welcome to the site bigcreekdad. I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us. It is a fun time to read and interact with some of the yahoos that visit from time to time. You are lucky to have a cabin on a nice fishing creek/river/whatever. Welcome and enjoy your time here. Keep those reels screamin'
  12. Alright, the steelers had a bad season, one bad season in quite some time. As for the lucky bengels, on them. Who has better streams Ohio or Penn.? That's all I'm gonna say
  13. I figure if i suck up, maybe I can finnagel a doz. or so smllie flies from him; especially since I don't tie them myself.
  14. I can't believe a fine site such as this would resort to such trash as to mention da bugels. Just when you thought you were friends with someone it all turns and go down the toilet. First mtg burgh by 7, second mtg bugels by 4 which means overall, burgh wins (got cha by a field goal). It is very interesting to interact with you guys knowing you are from all over. Good to know so when I do travel, I might come across your neck of the woods.
  15. Still gotta love the site
  16. Boy am I impressed. This site is still in its baby stages and it is doing so well. I must say the guy(s) that put this idea together and got it up and running MUST be a super genious. I sure would love to meet him/them someday and shake a hand or two. I wish I was this smart and creative
  17. Did someone say fry'em; you mean like fryin' the "yard bird"? I in for the fryin'
  18. I am from down outside da burgh area. I travel north to fish for those silver bullets, but I have not fished any other streams in northern PA or any streams in sw NY. I usually fish Elk. Whereabouts are you fishing? Are you referring to trout or steelhead (or both) streams?
  19. I do love the "yard bird" as they call it in my neck of the woods.
  20. I have seen people who frequent this site are from all over. I also see that some people ask if anyone is from around their own watering hole. Therefore, with me being curious, I am asking who is from PA? and are you close to Da Burgh? (Pittsburgh that is) Holla back at me even if you aren't close. Curious to know where some of my friends from this site are
  21. Okay, hell, maybe I am not the worst or craziest
  22. So this is what happens if I would send a pic of myself. It would be used against me in the worst ways. I will hide out a bit longer.
  23. Bryanfly15


    OSD. love the movie. Nothing better than sitting at my computer, watching a quality film with a cold Yuengling.
  24. I am hoping yinz fine fellows and fellowets will allow me to jump up to the next level and get out of the "Let me introduce myself". I want to swim where the big fish swim. So I am putting out my cry of "I'm no longer a newbie". Gotta love this site, how could you not? My wife says thank you to all yinz for keeping me out of her hair. I was driving her crazy with being trapped in the house with frozen streams. We have open water now, but running a muddy from snow and ice melt. Also wanted to say sorry for not being able to check in yesterday. I had to put in a long day at work to talk with parents for "curriculum nigth". Parents came to the high school to ask our expertise about which math class their son or daughter should take. I'm back
  25. Great question and I hate to be a follower, but how can you go wrong with a wolly bugger. I will strip it, swing it and even nymph it. I am probably the most unorthodox fly fisherman that any of yinz know. If you saw me on a stream and didn't know me, you would probably think something was wrong with me. The only good thing is that I can catch a fish now and then
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