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  1. I was fishing the gulf coast a few years back down by Brazoria  Texas…I went around asking locals,bait shops tackle shops where I could go wade fish with a fly ride for redfish.  I was told about this one location by multiple people so I went there. Can you wait a flat until you get to a trench drops off to 40 feet of water you fish that trench and right off that trench. When I get  there there was probably  eight to a dozen kayakers and I can see them catching fish.

    I’m wading to the top of my waders and I can’t quite reach that area casting a full fly line.

    after a little while a couple kayakers come and paddle over to me to talk they tell me I got bigger Cajones than they do. I’m like why?

    they tell me nobody wade fishes out here mostly because of bull sharks but stingrays too.

    they asked me if I had stingray gators on and when I told him no they told me I was nuts.

    This is  Texas gulf coast mud water you can’t see 6 inches into it…needless to say I was walking water like Jesus getting out of there.

    The Ocean can be a dangerous place if you’re not paying attention or aware of the dangers in your surroundings.



  2. Well I suck. The only thing I have to report is all three rods cast beautifully.
    Big thunderstorm rolled in last night it was still raining on my way in this morning and Ill I can guess is it gave fish lockjaw. I didn’t catch one thing. This might be a lake record I don’t think it’s possible to go here and I am not catch one fish.

    I ran into a couple local boys there and got to chatting  with them for a while,they go there 2-3 times a week and they told me this is highly unusual and they only caught a couple small ones. Last Sunday they caught 70+ each and were off they lake by 1 pm.

    So with no catching fish and the temperatures rising into the 90s I called it a day at 11:30.

    Till next time.

  3. I’m headed to Barrett Lake California tomorrow
    I have three new rods I built that have never seen the water.
    McFarland 7’10” 8 wt
    McFarland 8’8” 6 wt built on a Selle taper
    Steffen Bros. 7’9” 3/4 wt.
    Plus the maiden voyage of my Maxxon kick boat all decked out with all the bells and whistle’s.

    This is a weird lake you have to buy tickets through Ticketmaster to fish there it’s only open a few months a year. I got a ticket for a kick boat there tomorrow.

    The average bass is 3 pounds and guys have hundred fish days there a bad day is 20-30.

    Plus bluegill and Crappie which nobody really fishes for, they run from a pound and a half all the way up to 3 pounds on the Crappie.

    I”ll fish for those all day long.
    I am like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland right now

  4. Hi,

    I’m getting ready for a big fly fishing trip in a couple days I’m trying to fill fly boxes up and I got into stuff that I have seen in three years and I’m just freaking out about how many flies I have I will never use some are pristine and some are kind of junkie but very usable.

    I estimate at least 500+ flies and some fly boxes. About 75% warm water stuff.

    I went to the website and all I could find about is donating money I got a phone call into them right now with a message and I’m waiting  for a phone call back.

    anybody here associated with them I know how to go about donating flies?


    And are they legit I remember a few years ago they got some bad publicity about all the money not going to the Project.


  5. Well Scadden is out and that’s too bad cause I really liked a couple of models there.

    after reading literally hundreds of reviews on him and his products there’s no way I would do business with that company.

    I’m really sick congestive heart disease heart works at 20% 0CPD Lungs work at 40%.

    If I do everything the doctors say I got one to three years to live. I get winded just thinking about doing things😉

    it needs to be light weight and have oars. I won’t be able to kick it for a full day of fishing I want the oars so I can switch back-and-forth.

    I saw a couple boats with frames that might be doable but I don’t know if I want to mess with a frame. Like the Colorado XT

  6. Yeah I have a Lotta issues when it comes to picking a boat like this.

    If I was healthy and had a truck or a car with a hitch it would be a no brainer.

    I have a tiny economy car that I can’t afford to put a hitch on($500)

    so I need an inflatable or something I can strap to the roof of my car.

    and light weight. right now I get winded putting my socks on. that will get better but not by much.

    I figure a little kicking and rowing will do me some good. Later down the road I can upgrade to a troller motor on it.

    I’ve been looking at my options for at least a year and it kind of boils down to these guys right now.

    Granted they are a little $$$ but not compared to some of framed ones which I don’t want to deal with as far as hassle and $$$$.

    If I had 2-4K to spend I’d put a hitch  on my car and buy a plastic to 2 man bass boat

  7. Does anyone have any hands on experience with these things?

    they look pretty bad ass as far as float tubes go.

    The company is out of France and their website leaves a little bit to be desired.... says every model is not in stock anymore But I know they are.

    The closest dealer near me is a 2 1/2 hour drive from where I live one way.

    I finally found an email contact to ask questions waiting on an answer.

  8. Screw it I found this on the bay I couldn’t stop myself

    ”Sage Graphite III 8'9" 7wt 2pc 10th Anniversary Fly Rod  #74 out of 300 “

    never been fished with a Holland leather case.

    I think the case alone runs about  $150 don’t they

    I think I’m gonna need a couch to sleep on for a while boys

  9. 3 hours ago, Steeldrifter said:

    That seems like a really odd reason to not allow wading. It's not like they pipe the water directly from the lake to peoples home :blink: it has to go through a treatment plant. Guess that's Cali for ya though. Couldn't pay me to live out there.

    That is the exact sentence I said to the Ranger when they told me. And then he told me a dog getting in the water was as bad as 10 people

  10. 3 hours ago, WJG said:

    I have never heard of anything like this.  Is the rule in place to "protect" you or the lake?

    The lake. They are used for city water and evidently the water treatment plants can’t handle human contact or your dog getting in.

    makes no sense to me how do they handle wildlife getting in the water.

    Maybe the deer and the coons can read the no swimming signs.


    yeah you have to go through the boat inspections out here too. I’m in the greater San Diego area.

    The have some really big bass and bream around here. The lakes are mostly crystal clear and deep. So far I’ve only fished like Dixon that’s the one where the worlds record was snagged twice. Didn’t catch anything and I tried hard.

    I’ve seen stringers a bream where every bream was probably a pound and a half all the way up to 2 pounds I can’t wait to figure out how to catch those

  11. Commiefornia.

    where do I start? too lazy to type it all out but in a nutshell here we go.

    Every single lake has different rules all of them are public lakes Ive never paid a fee to fish a public lake  before unless it was in a state park.

    A lot of them don’t even open till 9 AM and then you have to be off the lake by 5 PM. Hell the morning bite is over at 9 AM.

    fishing hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. Texas is 24/7 366 days a year. Cant fish I think 500 feet or 1000 feet of any damn.

    any fishing vessel has to be at least 12 feet long not sure about float tubes yet. Most lakes have a rule of no body contact. And they don’t advertise this or tell you about it even when your ask them they play dumb but I’ve learned from the locals if the lake rule  says no body contact that just means you can’t wet wade if you have waders on you can wade but they won’t tell you that...Some lakes even say no wading  but you actually can if you have waders on.

    some lakes are sit on top kayak is OK but not a sit in kayak and some  lakes are a sit in kayak it’s OK but not a sit on top kayak...?

    I stopped at lake to talk to  the Ranger about the kayak rule and why immediately she picked up on my accent and said you’re not from around here are you I told her no I’m from Texas she was from Alabama she said if you moved out here to fish you are not gonna like it.

    The lake fees  aren’t really bad seeing how I am senior citizen and disabled so I get in for next to nothing might cost me five or 10 bucks.

    It’s just the principle I have to pay a fee to fish a public lake in California.


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