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  1. Im sorry but those 1st two videos are just lame... nowhere near genius
  2. Sorry Mikechell.....songs of the day
  3. Blond,Brunette or Redhead whats your poison? I think she looks best as a brunette.
  4. And now for the Marky Mark version...šŸ˜‰ When I first watched this movie I thought this was an original song of his. šŸ˜”
  5. Yeah Cream does pretty deer hair work. One of these days Ill figure it out. To the OP I did an edit to my 1st post.
  6. 1. There shouldnt be any deer hair to the left of the arrow. From the point of the hook back should just be your tailing materials. All the deer hair should start at the point and move forward to the eye. 2. The hair is not trimmed symmetrical to the center line of the hook. Especially the diving collar. My guess from what I can tell in the pics,this why its roiling on you. Edit: Ill chime in on what others mentioned. Yes they tend to work better trimmed smaller/narrower. What I do to make sure its symmetrical and balanced is to turn the fly upside down holding it in your hand and take a DOUBLE EDGED razor blade and shave the belly straight back from the eye to the back as close to the hook shank as you can with out cutting your thread wraps. Now take your scissors and cut an arrow shape front to back making sure you have the same amount of hair on each side of the hook shank..this 1st should only be 1/8 deep or less until you make sure the shape is prefect. Now take some curved scissors and follow that cut as a guide around the rest of the bug. Some guys can or freehand the whole thing with a double edge razor blade. Yours ago I used to make a template out of poster board. Just cut out you basic popper or diver head shape lay it flat on your trimmed belly and trim away.
  7. Just something fun to watch and listen to. OK Iā€™m done for the day. Music is food for the soul.
  8. Yeah Mike I think it needs to be changed to Songs of the day.šŸ˜‰
  9. Just my opinion but one of the best rock voices since Robert Plant. My opinion again but the best rock band since Led Zeppelin http://youtu.be/_yNAABKD4IA http://youtu.be/Tja6_h4lT6A http://youtu.be/q-H3yLtrHPo
  10. Whole concert if your interested
  11. http://youtu.be/7YlWxznH7qE
  12. If you want to embed a vid here when you copy the share link from YouTube and paste it in your post...back the S out before you post it
  13. Heres some Mops for ya. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MopMasters/?ref=share
  14. OK Im sorry...delete it Sometimes I cant help myself I think its my mission to educate people on some topics. Just a redneck with a tinfoil hat. šŸ˜œ
  15. There is also a reason they put Flouride in our water and toothpaste with no scientific proof it prevents cavities. At one time it was the #1 ingredient in rat poison. Hitler used it right before he rounded up the Jews. Makes you passive. Opsss Im sorry did I get off topic? šŸ˜‰
  16. I love Joe Rogan and yes Ive done DMT. Hold on its gonna get scary...open up you mind just like LSD Theres a reason the Government sponsed it and then made it illegal.
  17. So Mike how do you explain the paintings/carvings of space ships in caves or paintings?Before man even had a concept of flight or the birth of Christ if you believe that. 150 years ago we were riding horses...now we have smart phones,computers and fiber optics with video and audio modulated on it. Im sorry we as a human race arent that smart without help. Im sorry Fox News doesnt have an alien for you on the evening news. šŸ˜‰
  18. I had tons of snakes in my youth as pets...poisonous to non-poisonous. On my property I usually run across at least 6 to 12 copperheads a year. For the most part I leave snakes alone or relocate them. In the last two years Ive have had three pets bitten by a copperhead...(dumb ass dogs and a cat) So now they die. But to date I have not found one yet.
  19. There is just way too much evidence to deny UFOs Before the birth of Christ if you believe in the Bible
  20. Before I even clicked on the thread I knew you would do this.
  21. šŸ˜‰ http://youtu.be/aVevvbFNKiY?list=PLd3udltX2Fih-fkvfbw0zENvao9bm8Awh
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