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  1. Flytier, I like the ones in the second picture what fibers are using for that?
  2. I might've spun a little hair
  3. You can spin and stack wool just like deer hair. I've messed around and tied wool frog patterens before
  4. So what lake is it? Tioga?
  5. Who asked him to post it? He should contact all of us in a PM where to send..Duh Actually, I have always put my name and address right in the first post on any swap I've run. Since my time allotted to me on the Witness Protection Program has run out I quit worrying about it. If someone has reason to track me down to this little town I live in over an address in a fly fishing swap I'll probably be home. I know how some worry about things like personal info but since about anything is available on the web for about anybody if you want to hunt it down I'm not sure not going to worry about it. And most guys who run the swaps only send out the addy after you request it. I guess after watching programs like Person of Interest and Cyber I don't worry too much about things that are so easily available anyway. What he said about x10I post my email all the time and wouldn't have a problem posting my address either. If a cyber criminal wants you,you won't be able stop them 1-4 Americans will have their identity stolen now days or have credit card fraud Between me and my wife we have had credit card fraud 8 times in the last five years. No big deal just something else to deal with, no money lost just an inconvenience. Get used to it....Welcome to the new world order
  6. Thx I'll have mine in the mail by this Monday
  7. I'm in two like this right now....... You tell me how this makes sense. So he keeps 12 for himself right? and you get 11 back?
  8. Color me stupid but most swaps are 12 folks right? Why would you want to send in 12 flies only to get one of your own back? You should send in 12 and the host gets to keep a dozen for his mailing/hosting troubles and you get 11 back or the criteria is 12 guys 13 flies each and you still get one of your flies back...what's the point? I don't need or want one of my flies back. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed but it's only 8th grade math. I don't get it. ????
  9. Who asked him to post it? He should contact all of us in a PM where to send..Duh
  10. Shouldn't the host contact us on where to send? Nothing on this end
  11. That's a slow week for me. Someone needs to report him to the base commander as AWOL..... 😉 I'm sure he'll pop back in soon.
  12. I have fished everyone of those lakes but it's been 30 years(I grew up nearby) The McCabe lakes were the best producers for me..on the way up the dirt road to Saddle back is Gardisky Lake..it's worth the stop by. So are Gaylor Lakes...they were 100 fish days for me with the middle being the best. Mine lakes are worth the hike also. Brings back found memories....post some pics and best of luck
  13. Yep same here need an addy
  14. I've been tying flies close to 50 years and don't own a whip finishing tool,never have & don't how to use one unless I got on YouTube to figure it out. I do that two finger thing(don't know what it's called) and use head cement or fingernail polish... Never had a head come undone....and with today's CA glues you don't even need a knot. What was the question again?
  15. Mike You're a funny man. The blade pops in there real easy & it's not going to come flinging out like a frisbee
  16. I grew up in Bridgeport fished from Bishop to the Nevada border and then over the mountain also.Not saying ants don't work just Scuds/Shrimp and emergers work better
  17. OK I finally got around to putting this tool through it's paces. In a nutshell I like it. Been trimming deer hair flies for 30 years with a razor blade in my hand so it's a little different and you got to get used to it but it works and serves a purpose. It works well for shaping a tapered body But I still held a blade on my hand. I'll probably buy one or two more just because my grandpa always told me if you find something that works and you like it you better by two or three more because they will quit making it. It's a quality tool that works. But if you grew up tying using a razor blade in your hand you might find it awkward at first.
  18. I'm sending in two dozen regardless of the head count just cause I'm such a nice guy.
  19. Just about any Hackel sized right will work for ants. Why An Ant pattern for Yosimite? I grew up there not many ants A mosquito emerger pattern is better
  20. Mmmm......I'm in What the heck,sounds interesting
  21. Well I offered to send in 2 dozen so that would make it full as long as no one as an issue with that. 1st dozen are the mystery fly and the rest are random styles and sizes.
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