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  1. That's pretty slick...nice job Sir
  2. Had a buddy in Hawaii is family grew and roasted beans.... Best freaking coffee ever had my life
  3. I sand paper it off my finger tips. And yeah moisten your fingers first with some water and it will lessen the issue
  4. I am too cheap.Squeeze a quarter & make an eagle chit kind of guy huh?
  5. C'mon guys! Just four more. I've been tying 40+ years but had a 12+ year vacation. Just recently got back into it and I'm a little rusty so I started out on a popper craze and bought an airbrush which I've always wanted to do. It took me 3 dozen just to figure out how to use the airbrush and get the results I was looking for. Those first three dozen I'm going to pick the best 12 of them and send them as a bonus to this swap. So I'll be sending in 24+ a couple extra for the swap host. The main entry is still a secret as requested but it' catches everything that swims. My #1 don't know what to use fly.
  6. OK I'm in. Got em half done already.
  7. I think I'd like to get in on this First I need to make sure I have all the materials on hand to do the pattern I want to tie. I travel for work and my stuff is spread around at three different locations. Let ya know by tomorrow. This will be my first swap in many many years.
  8. Yeah I know now I've had about a 12 year vacation from fly tying. Thanks for the newsflash.
  9. I'm sure you guys have known this but I just found out when I went looking for some. I'm bummed! I have a bunch back in San Diego in a storage shed but they aren't doing me any good now. Found one pack on Amazon in size 6. Went looking for a replacement and found these. http://penhooks.com/products/g-hook Looks like the the G hook would work. Any other ideas for a replacement for the Mustad Keel hook? I want to tie a version of this for a local pond that is just full of weeds. I use to have pretty good luck with it tied in Blues & Reds.
  10. I've done the same thing to some monster sized deer hair frog flies but not that size. I did mine so they would land upright, ass sinking wasn't the goal. You got that fly almost sinking to the eye....and it's spun deer hair? What's that hook made out of..lead? I just can't see a deer hair fly sinking like that because of the hook weight. Still curious and thx for responding
  11. I have poppers painted with acrylics that are close to 15 years old...You just coat them with Epoxy,Varnish ect Just wondering if it sprays OK.
  12. Kimo's, Wanted to PM you but doesn't look like you take them. Nice sense of humor there. OK I just pulled the trigger and bought that brush, 5lb C02 tank and low pressure regulator. I take it you can use the cheap water based acrylic paints(Hobby Lobby) in it with good results? My budget dictates I wait awhile for the Copic ink refills. T.I.A.
  13. Bend backs and clousers in gold with some orange work really well
  14. My bass fishing buddy and I use to fight over who was going to gas the boat and truck up all the time, I usually lost cause it was his boat and truck. Had lots of bad days fishing the same baits,same line ect. I would wash my hands in soap and water,fish attractant and bank mud and it didn't seem to matter. Days I didn't gas up I would usually out fish him.
  15. KimoThx. I've looked into that before but never really wanted to get into the full airbrush arena. Basically because I didn't understand the different tips and having to change out/clean the tank every time you change colors. After giving it some more thought and research I think you're right
  16. I was about to buy the Copic until I ran across the Craftwell e brush. Although the Craftwell it's a little more expensive it seems a lot more versatile in terms of markers you can use with it and it comes with its own air compressor. Thoughts, opinions, comments? I should mention I've seen YouTube videos of the Copic using other markers with mixed results
  17. Thank you everyone...much appreciated
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