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  1. It's not so much I prefer them as it is I like them all. I have hard foam and soft foam, just wanted some cork and balsa wood. They all sit in or on the surface differently and serve a purpose.
  2. Yeah it's fun. I'm going to buy some Balsa and probably some cork it looks like and make my own. I have a Dremel tool and about to buy a Copic air brush and try to make some real pretty ones.
  3. Yes & that brings back fond memories
  4. Does anyone still make and sell these? Been searching & searching and can't find any. Want size 10 & 12...cup faced classic style. I know about making my own and the foam ones, I want cork pre shaped. I wish the Waspi Bream poppers were cupped faced, someone use to make them because I have a few size 12 hard foam cupped faced ones from about 15 years ago but can't find those either now. TIA 😏
  5. Probably, but for under $15, I'd rather support the innovator. Me 2..I'm not a gadget guy but when I saw this I'm like "Hey that's pretty cool" I'll try it..been using those double edge blades for years...you don't cut your fingers until you drop one and try to grab it falling (human nature). I've never cut my myself with razors blades trimming flies, it's picking them up, or dropping them that's when they get you.
  6. Is there a Tip & Tricks thread here? If there is I can't find it. On Fly Tying that is. Don't want to start an other thread if there all ready is one pages & pages long. Been tying 40+ years and took a long break. Getting fired back up again and some of the threads I've read and the researching I've done to catch up is mind boggling. So many new materials in the last 15 years,patterns ect. I watch Youtube Videos and learn new techniques and go WoW and then watch others and go why the heck do they do that...silly. I'm mostly a bass bug and salt water tier now days and have bass flies that are 25+ years old and still good. Would love to start a thread on tying techniques with different(synthetic or natural) materials,tying short cuts,DYI tools,Tools you need that you don't know of, DYI adhesives/head cement,over looked materials, places to shop for them ...ect ect ect Anything you have learned to make flies better,faster,cheaper, more fishable...catches fish not fishermen. ect. Any interest?
  7. I bought one but I haven't used it yet You can find them here. http://tightlineflyreels.com/bend_a_blade
  8. Me too my sister was killed by a drunk driver And I've heard a DUI now days will run you about 20K with everything involved Plus if your job involves driving a company vehicle you can kiss that goodbye
  9. One of those come for vacation leave on probation places
  10. Nope he was guilty DUI And some weed All said and done I think it cost Him a little over $15,000 Plus lost a good job
  11. Lastly, if you earn income, but it is not high enough to hire a private attorney and not low enough to qualify you for free legal assistance through a court-appointed lawyer, the judge may provide you with "partial indigency." Under this rule, you will be represented by a court-appointed lawyer, but you will be ordered to reimburse the state for a portion of the costs of your representation during trial. This is what happened to a friend of mine Court said he could afford his own attorney he claimed he couldn't He showed up to court three times without an attorney judge threatened him with contempt of court 4th time they appointed him an attorney and then sent him a bill for it
  12. They ask you how much you make and what are your living expenditures/bills
  13. Well let's put it this way DA was offering jail time,probation,community service and drug rehab. I wouldn't agree to it..going to jury trial then. Went and talked to him and explained my situation,home life job ect. and I just can't agree to your terms. How much more money(fine) for no jail time,no probation,no community service and no drug rehab...he came back with a price(fine,court costs) unsupervised 6 month probation,no community service no rehab and deferred justification...I took it and paid. Is that buying your way out of trouble or negotiating a plea? Done this twice and one time just flat out paid a judge a fine that was 4 times the normal fine to him directly in his office right past the county clerk...told me there would be no record of my arrest...he lied there is. But I didn't do any time,probation ect. Paid and went home. You a lawyer? Money talks in this country and the legal system needs the wheels greased and that grease is money.
  14. Never said you could buy a not guilty verdict but you can buy your way out of jail,probation,community service ect...depending on the crime of course. And Poopdeck, ridiculous? Ive done it twice
  15. mikechell, Nothing bad..I just wasn't always the up standing citizen I am today. To the OP, Unless you are in some kind of serious trouble looking at serious time and want or need a jury trial all a lawyer is going to do is plead it out for you,you can do that yourself. Last time I was in that situation after two years of my lawyer going back and forth with the DA I didn't like the deal and asked if I could talk to the DA myself...lawyer didn't recommend it but set up the meeting, I basically walked away scott free...my lawyer told me I missed my calling. Cost me 5K for him and could have fixed it day one myself for nothing. Keep in mind too...it's all about money...depending how rich you are you can buy your way out of about anything. Fines,court costs,community service,restitution,drug rehab...if they are throwing that at you just ask the DA how much not to go through any of it...he'll have a price. There is an old saying "Justice is for the rich"....very true. You are guilty until you can afford to prove you are innocent in this country.
  16. What he said...they might tell you you have to get one but just don't do it and show up to court without one..they will fix it then. Don't know what kind of trouble you are in but I've saved myself money a few times by calling the DA my self and working out a plea. That's all your lawyer does anyways unless you are going to a jury trial.
  17. Those links don't work for me either
  18. Does anyone see pics here? http://www.flytyingforum.com/speciesLargemouth_Bass.html None of the species links work for me and never have. Some of the other ones have in the past but now just about the whole thing is broke.
  19. Big Fly Bob, Exactly what I was looking for! Is that deer hair and bucktail? What makes the ass end sink like that? I've tapered my poppers like that and skinnier,they don't sink like that.
  20. Superfly..what's he's name?(too lazy to go back and look it up) Does some bombs ass deer hair work no doubt...I can tie that tight without his tool but what I really appalled him for is he got off is butt and made this tool happen. I've had three ideas in my life for a new tool, researched it and couldn't come up with the money to make it happen..the Waspi foam poppers you guys buy now days I spent $500 plus in the late 80's designing and just providing blueprints...$10,000 a mold and then a 1,000 ordered at a time per size..done...killed. Those you buy now days are my engineered/blueprints I can't even tell you how much time I put into talking to foam manufacturers trying to figure out which type of foam to use..the internet was in it's infancy then. Wasn't like you could go Youtube it. Rather you like the Superfly tool or not give the guy credit for making something happen 99% of you will never will. Who said this? (Do right and nobody will ever remember,Fk up and nobody will ever forget)...that's what I see here. Edit: And do you think this guy is getting rich on this or even breaking even? He's probably wishing he never did this is my guess.
  21. Yep...get a few, heat the end up and push it over the different size hooks you use or the Brassie works fine also. Slip? Hold on to the damn thing! I've never impaled my fingers packing deer hair and been doing it 40+ years. If you are really worried about your fingers put an eraser or piece of cork on the point of the hook while tying. That Fugley is huge. Pens and the Brassie work just fine and don't cost diddly.
  22. Some guy has marketed a by 4 x 8 sheet of foam It will hold 3 to 4 adults put any devices on it you want . Thought it was pretty cool first time I saw it I'll try to find a link to it Here it is: http://www.feather-raft.com/about.html And I use to have one of these except mine was home made and I put a trolling motor and depth finder on it http://www.montanafoamboats.com/index.htm
  23. I've tied snakes and frogs like Byron posted. Works fine. Just bend the hook shank.
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