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  1. Ya have to have the good ole Muddler Minnow slightly weighted in size 10 1xl for the bream and size 1 3xl for bass Natural tan and white and in yellow. Then look up Jimmy Nix's Shineabou Shad. same colors..it's a fancy muddler minnow basically. I tie it a little different and it's my go to fly...catches anything that swims.
  2. I carry a battery operated bread trimmer with me,squirrels,possums and coons get shaved .......thrown in a zip lock bag with a moth ball. I'll never have to buy fur again.
  3. I still have some Polar Bear from like 1970 something...got it from the guy who shot the bear...Jungle Cock too
  4. I carry a beard trimmer with me in the truck, any road kill Squirrel,Possum or Coon gets shaved and hair put in a baggie.
  5. Gar...anything white stripped fast. Down here lots of folks use the nylon from the center of clothes line...no hook the teeth get caught up in in it.
  6. Most ponds in the south have fat head minnows and bream...any pattern that imitates them will work. They grow up eating them and even a 10# bass will attack a 2" minnow if you drop it in their face and present it as wounded. My two go to flies for this type of fishing are a white or natural Muddler Minnow in sizes 12-6 with a little flash in them or a Matuka style streamer(same sizes) made with grey rabbit fur. Both are simple time proven flies that catch anything that swims. I can't tell you how many times I have approached a pond looking to catch bass with big "Bass" flies and zero,nothing...go screw it I just want to catch something today..tie on a size 8 grey Matuka and tear them up. Don't be afraid to use small flies to catch big fish. These little "Fat Head" divers(top row)also work well in ponds in sizes 10-8 for bream,crappie and bass. If they aren't hitting top water pull them under with a sink tip or a sinking poly leader.
  7. I had a post up asking for someone to tie me some flys. Couple guys contacted me but Byron and I worked out a deal. He kept in constant contact with me,sent pictures while we tweaked what I wanted. He got them done faster than I expected and at a very reasonable price. I got them yesterday and they are really nice! He did a excellent job. I'd recommend him to any one needing some custom flies tied.
  8. This has bugged me for years and I've been out of the fly tying game for at least 15 years now but I'm about to get back into it and this my first priority,come up with a frog pattern that is semi easy to tie and acts like a real frog. That is the key,easy to tie and acts like a frog....I don't see one pattern that acts like a frog. If you know one show it to me please! When frogs sit in the water all they have is their heads and eyes out of the water,the rest of their body sits below the surface,and especially the rear legs hanging low. You getting the picture? Like I said I've been out of it a long time now and there are so many new materials and techniques it's crazy...I didn't have the internet when I quit. I'm thinking some kind of synthetic hair/fur for the legs..maybe a little weight in them and then the body same thing but foam or deer hair on the front for the head but the main body something else that will sink up to the eyes....just the head floats,the rest sinks. I tied this for years and it looks cool and all that but it's a beast to cast,takes a 9wt-10wt to throw and lands on it's back half the time and Dave's Swimming Frog is easier to tie and is more productive. I had to wrap lead wire in the bend to get it to land right. I want to tie this frog with new materials and I have a 100 ideas running through my head on how to do and it all has to with new materials not available to me when I did this. Lets hear your input and ideas.
  9. I was there opening day...the best bass fishing of my life..simply insane 2-8lb bass 20-30 a day for 3 days....fished it hard 3-days week for 3 years or better and it really just fell off. I've been actually skunked there a few times and I never get skunked...frustrating cause you know it's just full of fish. Big bream too 3/4-1.5 lb...big cat fish on top waters too when the water turkeys take off from the trees across the boat launch area on a white marabou fly. I'd love to try it again.
  10. No where near top of line..keep trying......like others have mentioned the prepositions aren't right .... and the heads suck basically. Just honest criticism
  11. Mmmm where in east TX? Been doing this longer than you been alive..private water? I can help and teach
  12. I prefer top waters, so for bream a size-10-12 Chartreuse/Yellow poppers. If they aren't hitting top waters a grey or pearl Matuka style streamer same sizes. Bass top water, deer hair slider frog in Chartreuse with White or Orange belly.....subsurface...my version of a Shineabou Shad weighted on a floating line or unweighted on a sink tip. Yellow or white/grey/pearl....I'll catch any fish that swims on these things except maybe Carp
  13. Deer hair,some Furry Foam,Rabbit Fur,Rubber,some synthetics ect...you don't have to spend a fortune, just be creative and have an imagination.
  14. Thought everyone did it this way... I was taught this from day one in the late 70's. Only difference is I strip a few barbs off one side of the feather and tie it in at an angle.
  15. Speaking of scissors does anyone remember these? One of my favorites. Orvis sold them. Does any vendor still carry these? These are trashed probably 25 years old.
  16. Brookies got ate..rainbow was released.
  17. When I tie my scissors never leave my hand..been doing that way for at least 30+ years
  18. Been fly fishing for close to 50 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've had fish get into my backing and have some fingers left. 9# brown trout in white water and 4lb tippet. (guessing) 25lb+ stripper below tail race damn and something I never saw fishing around an oil rig in the gulf coast. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason for reels with 200-300 yards of backing unless you are fishing off shore for huge fish like Tarpon,Shark,Tuna,Dorado,King Mackerel ect and a $500+ drag system I caught a 30lb(guessing again) yellow tail on 8wt rod and a Cortland ($10-$15?) clicker reel...never took half the line off...16lb tippet. I was fishing for Kelp bass. Most of the inland Strippers I catch are 2-15lbs I don't get into the 20#-30# monsters. Love the Hybrids..we call them "Wipers" cause they will wipe your tackle out....Strongest fresh water fish I've ever messed with. Caught a 14lb below Ray Hubbard damn..stood the rod up at a 45 degree angle with a16# tippet and cranked the drag down...the fish was going to win,the rod was going to break....strong fish!
  19. I have a Battenkill 8/9 Disk. I thought it wold be too small for a 10wt but Orvis just wrote me back saying it would hold 125 yards of 20# backing with a WF 10 I'm in business,just saved me some money I can spend on fly lines now.
  20. Anyone have any experience with these reels using them in saltwater? Do they hold up if you rinse them off every time? I need a decent 10wt reel but I don't need a lot of backing(50 yrds),,it's for Reds,Sea Trout and inland Strippers. I don't want to break the bank and like to keep it under $100 if possible $150 max. I have a surge in 3/4 weight and like it but only had it 6 months or so and I've handled the SLV and liked it. I owned a Tibor but it was stolen and I just can't afford $1000 for a real and spare spool again.
  21. What's wrong with your fingers? Never could get use to using one of these things
  22. Yet ANOTHER reason never to have kids. Awww.. I love my kids just feel bad for the mess they are left with
  23. I saw a Discovery Channel show a couple years ago that was basically stating in the next 20-30 years the ocean would be mostly void of fish...hard to believe. I'm 56 and my kids might see some of it but my kids kids most certainly will. They are just not taking the predators out they are taking the bait fish out too(3rd world country's)..take those two out and the whole thing falls apart. All over money, and Japan & Russia are mostly at fault...just plan ole greed....Japan kills tens of thousands of sharks every year just for their fins and then tosses them back in...don't even keep the meat for fertilizer or dog/cat food...the Blue Fin Tuna used to be considered a trash fish, then came Sushi...and now 50K a fish is normal...up to 80K...put that kind of price on a fish and what's going to happen?....That's better than gold or dealing drugs. When I was a kid my God Father went to Alaska every year to fish for Halibut and buy King Crab...I have pictures of him holding a King Crag over his head(he is 6' 7") and the legs are dragging on the ground behind him..so 8' Dia lets say...One or Two legs was a meal you could hardly finsish. They don't even get close to that anymore...Halibut 300#'s was normal. We are just rapping the ocean and our kids kids will pay for it. So sad!
  24. Thx..and yes Woodpig showed up to the plate and sent me a pic of an example and it looked very good. I added to the order.
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