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  1. As soon as I saw that fly I was ummm...I know that fly tier. Opened up thread up yep I was right. I bounced emails with him back in the late 80's and on the phone one of the best deer hair spinners still today..he inspired me to keep trying. It worked.
  2. Looks good...would work on a lot of fish
  3. Yeah it looks like Ewing has what I'm looking for...thank you guys
  4. I've been out of the game for awhile. When I quit I met a guy who was breeding beautiful necks just for bass flies. I still have one of them. Nice wide rounded tips soft quills and soft hackle type barbs. These weren't hen necks they were Rooster. Is anyone offering these now days...I've been looking around and haven't found what I'm looking for....Deer hair too. Who has the best spining hair for bass flies? TIA
  5. One I tied a few years ago. First one took me about all day, then I got them down to a couple hrs.
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