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  1. I was looking to make a light cahill, but I don't have some of the materials listed for it. Are there other alternative materials that will serve the purpose just as well for this dry fly?
  2. thanks I'm rather proud of that one.
  3. yes, it is the 1494 reel. not the driveway. but the lawn/street. about 50/50. we went to one of our fishing spots today to really try it out, and well.. let's just say that I felt like a kid just learning how to fish all over again.
  4. thanks for all the replies! I finally bought this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Pflueger-Medalist-9-Deluxe-Fly-Kit-3pc/20742841 to start with. I practiced with it yesterday (no fly/hook of course, just a little paper to mimic the weight of a fly) on our street and my daughter was standing at a specific spot on the road and my aim is excellent (always within 1-3" of her feet). I think my aim is better with a fly rod than with a spinning i plan to go out and have a go at the marina down the road from here today. i'll be sure to post a status report
  5. ha! I'd be interested in buying a used rod from someone, assuming it's in the "budget". eesh.. Honestly, I'm not willing to travel all the way to TN to look at and possibly purchase fishing gear. The chattahoochee is a fairly large river. I fish it just below Buford Dam (right at the dam). I've seen many fly fishermen wading out into the middle, when the dam isn't released. When it's released, the only option would be a boat (which we don't have) or from the banks. Other than that, we stick to Lake Lanier and it's many little coves/bays. We recently found a creek/stream with some nice bass, etc. in it that I would like to try.
  6. I figured I would need two separate rods. Thanks for the info. I see them occasionally at pawn shops around here too. But the last one I saw was HUGE (must have been for saltwater).
  7. I'm new to fly fishing, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on a good (and affordable) beginner rod/reel/line? We fish for trout in the Chattahoochee river, and also anywhere from the bluegill, crappie, smallmouth, largemouth, spotted, and the striped bass in Lake Lanier. I will be using it the majority of the time (small hands), but I'm sure my fiance would like a go at it too.
  8. what about this? http://thedragfreedrift.blogspot.com/2013/02/fly-tying-dying-feathers-with-kool-aid.html
  9. I can't offer any insight on your questions, sorry. But this is an informative post.. good read
  10. I feel a bit lost on the terminology mentioned here. However, that is an awesome pic! Worth framing!
  11. oh what a great idea! we have an oriental short hair that is mostly white (with a couple spots of "blue") and he SHEDS LIKE CRAZY. you can literally harvest fur from him just from petting him! I'm going to look up the info on dying. Thanks again.
  12. thank you for the warm welcome everyone! and yay tidewaterfly for returning to the south!
  13. thanks tide. Another reason why I asked here before attempting to use some of those materials. good info, (I'm going to see if I can find information on specific birds/animals for the US and GA) I've noticed the woolly worms I've made get a lot of attention around here, so I plan to make more of those. I will try the bugger tonight.
  14. Thanks for the info Belevue. Also, I agree that today's failure is tomorrow's learning curve.. that's how I was looking at it too. Just need to be less annoyed with myself before I try again. Thank you, Chuck. I'll look into it... though I've NEVER seen any shops that keep fly tying materials around here :/ so I've been ordering online from amazon and such.
  15. This is me as well. I'm not sure I could do multiples of the same pattern. I would get bored! (unless someone specifically asked me to) I just pick the pattern I'm in the mood for and make a fly. I'll probably make it again soon, but not consecutively.
  16. love the speckled wing choice! Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Thanks for the tips speaking of pets' undercoats.. our cats don't really have any, but our Newfoundland dog definitely does! He is chocolate brown. I've used his undercoat for dubbing, actually. It worked quite well. We also have a rabbit, but he's short-hair and doesn't seem to have much of an undercoat. (yes, we have quite the zoo here)
  18. today's failure... I'm not even going to go into detail.. it's pretty obvious what all the mistakes are. I'll just try again later. My biggest issue is the thread slipping down toward the hook eye when building the head or making wraps near the eye..
  19. quick question of opinion: we have a pet Pekin Duck, would their feathers work well for some flies? I also have pretty much unlimited access to goose feathers, and the occasional "wild" duck feathers. Also, our cats occasionally bring birds of varying species home. Would any of those materials work well? None of which are plucked directly from the bird, unless already deceased of course, but I can get them.
  20. yea i've seen some of those foam ones online and thought "how silly those look!" but if the fish like them, why not? It doesn't matter what you use, if it catches that fish, that's all that matters. I might teach my daughter how to do the foam ones and let her have at it.
  21. thanks for the replies y'all. I'm surprised you think my flies don't belong in the "beginners" category (and flattered). I've only tied maybe 8 flies... ever. I'll keep practicing though. It's hard when you have limited supply.. there should be a recipe generator where you enter the materials and it tells you the different flies you could make from them.
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